Instruction Support

Below are examples of how Pendergrass Library can support instruction needs. Contact us to learn more about how Pendergrass can be involved in your course.

Canvas Support

Add library materials into your Canvas site, such as e-books, streaming media, or scanned articles or chapters. More information can be accessed via the Accessing E-Resources and Adding to Canvas guide.

Want help adding materials or a consistent library presence in your course? Consider including a librarian to your Canvas site using the Librarian role. Librarians can create modules, pages, discussion boards, tutorials, and research guides.

Canvas Logo
Canvas Logo

Supplementary resources

Course Reserves

We work with instructors to create course reserves, which allow classes to access required and additional materials. Click here to submit a course reserve request.


Online tutorials offer a self-paced approach to navigating the Libraries’ website, specific databases and research tools, and concepts such as topic development. Click here to explore available tutorials.

Research Guides

Created by librarians, research guides connect you to resources on broad topics or subject areas.
Agriculture guides
Veterinary Medicine guides