Mission and History


Pendergrass serves those seeking information in areas important to UTIA and the state of Tennessee. Our users can expect:

  • Helpful responses from skilled staff
  • Patron privacy
  • Polite and timely service
  • Informed and unbiased completion of requests
  • Proactive and creative solutions to problems and requests
  • Respect for all questions and the best answers

We value:

  • creativity,
  • civility,
  • expertise,
  • and new ideas

Annual Reports:

Older annual reports are available on the Historical Annual Reports Page.

A Brief History

  • Pendergrass has been supporting UTIA since the late 19th century.
  • Originally located in Morrill Hall, Pendergrass moved to Morgan Hall 1921. Its current home is in the Veterinary Medicine Building.

A more complete history can be found online in TRACE:

Smith, Horace C. “Chapter III: Buildings, Farms, Library and Other Facilities.” An Honored Calling: A History of the College of Agricultural Science and Natural Resources. Institute of Agriculture: Knoxville, TN (1999): 31.