Statement of Purpose and Procedures

The John C. Hodges Society of the University of Tennessee Libraries supports the University of Tennessee Libraries (John C. Hodges Library, Webster C. Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library, and George F. DeVine Music Library, and James D. Hoskins Library) through monetary gifts and engagement with library programming. Sharing an enthusiasm for print, digital, and other library resources, Hodges Society members promote the mission of UT Libraries by advocating for freedom of access to information and the appreciation of research collections, and by providing financial support for Library initiatives. In addition, the Hodges Society raises awareness of the value of UT Libraries to the community, to the state, and to researchers around the world.

Hodges Society Membership
Membership in the Hodges Society recognizes financial support for UT Libraries. Private funds enhance study and research at the university through improved library collections and services. A primary focus of Hodges Society is to increase a sense of pride, loyalty, and connection with the UT Libraries among faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, and others in the worldwide community, thereby encouraging financial support for UT Libraries. Hodges Society Members are encouraged to identify and invite new members to join the organization.

A gift of any amount to UT Libraries confers membership in the Hodges Society. Avenues for giving, and therefore membership in the Hodges Society are: annual gifts, major gifts, planned gifts, or Honorary Lifetime Membership. Giving at the $100 level (Friends’ Circle) or above confers library borrowing privileges for the duration of one’s membership.

Annual Gifts
A monetary gift to the UT Libraries confers membership in the Hodges Society for the duration of the year in which the gift is made. Membership may be renewed with additional gifts in subsequent years. Members enjoy library borrowing privileges at the Friends’ Circle level or above.          

Friends’ Circle                                              $1 – $99
Members’ Circle                                           $100 – $240           
Scholars’ Circle                                             $250 – $499
Dean’s Circle                                                 $500+

Major Gifts
Donors giving at the level of $25,000 and above are recognized as members of the Felicia Circle, are lifetime Hodges Society members, and receive lifetime borrowing privileges at UT Libraries and invitations to all UT Libraries and Hodges Society events.

Planned Gifts
The James D. Hoskins Circle honors Hodges Society members who have included UT Libraries in their estate plans through bequests, living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities and/or retirement beneficiary designations. Legacy Circle members are lifetime Hodges Society members, and receive lifetime borrowing privileges at UT Libraries and invitations to all UT Libraries and Hodges Society events.

Honorary Lifetime Membership
Honorary Lifetime Membership is awarded in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to the UT Libraries, at the discretion of the Hodges Society Advisory Board and Dean of Libraries. Honorary Lifetime Members receive lifetime borrowing privileges and invitations to all UT Libraries and Hodges Society events.

Hodges Society Governance
The John C. Hodges Society of the University of Tennessee is guided by an Advisory Board of between fifteen and twenty members that provides leadership in consultation with the Dean of Libraries and the UT Libraries’ Director of Advancement. Advisory Board members participate in planning Hodges Society activities, serve as hosts during events, and advocate to build support for the work of UT Libraries. The Director of Advancement provides a fundraising update to the Advisory Board at least once per year.

Advisory Board members must be current members of the Hodges Society and maintain their membership, preferably at the Dean’s Circle level or higher, throughout their terms. Advisory Board members are encouraged to attend Hodges Society events and to be engaged with the organization’s activities. The Advisory Board includes at least one student representative; no more than thirty percent of the members are library faculty and staff. The UT Libraries Director of Advancement and the Advisory Board Chair appoint all Advisory Board members in consultation with the Dean of Libraries.

Advisory Board members are appointed to serve a three-year term and may be reappointed for one additional three-year term. Terms begin at the autumn meeting of the Advisory Board. Approximately one-third of Advisory Board members are appointed each year.

Advisory Board Members may serve two consecutive three-year terms, at the end of which they may choose to continue working on the Advisory Board’s behalf as Consulting Advisory Board Members. Consulting Members may continue to participate in Advisory Board work by attending meetings, identifying potential new Advisory Board members, and assisting with special events, but may not hold leadership positions. A member may be reappointed to the Advisory Board for two additional three-year terms after serving three years as a Consulting Advisory Board Member.

To honor distinguished, long-term service to Advisory Board, the Chair, in consultation with the Dean of Libraries and UT Libraries Director of Advancement, may designate such members as Emeritus/Emerita Advisory Board Members upon conclusion of a regular term of service. To be considered for this status, a member should have served at least two three-year terms (consecutive or non-consecutive). Emeritus Advisory Board Members are welcome at all meetings and encouraged to participate in Hodges Society activities.

Advisory Board Officers
Officers of the Advisory Board are Chair and Vice-Chair. Officers serve in each role for two years. The Chair presides at all meetings and represents the Advisory Board at events. The Vice-Chair assists the Chair as needed, serves when the Chair is not available, and becomes Chair after serving for two years as Vice-Chair. Advisory Board members are eligible to hold office at any time within their two consecutive three-year terms.

Advisory Board Meetings
The Hodges Society Advisory Board meets a minimum three times per year. The autumn and spring meetings occur on campus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the summer meeting takes place remotely. If circumstances preclude any in-person meeting, the Dean of Libraries and Director of Advancement may decide to hold it virtually. Libraries staff will record meeting minutes and distribute them to all Advisory Board members in a timely manner.

Advisory Board Working Group
The Advisory Board Working Group with special exceptions, exists to conduct work of the Advisory Board (communications, events, development strategies, etc.) that arises between Advisory Board meetings. Membership on the Working Group is voluntary and determined by the needs of the Advisory Board and UT Libraries administration. Work of the group is reported to the full Advisory Board by the UT Libraries’ Director of Advancement at Advisory Board meetings.

Revised May 2022

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