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Collection, Service, and Scholarship Endowments

Annual income from endowments allows the University Libraries to add to our physical and digital collections, enhance library spaces, access cutting-edge technology, and provide guidance for student success and professional development for faculty and staff. Endowments begin at $25,000, and donors may make a single gift or build an endowed fund over time.


Gene “Mac” Abel Library Endowment
East Tennessee history

Maria K. Bachman Humanities Collections Endowment

Dr. Paul Barrette Music Library Enrichment Endowment

Patrick Brady Memorial Library Endowment
18th- and 19th-century French literature

James Douglas Bruce Endowment

Hugh and Margaret Crowe Library Quasi-Endowment
Sociology, urban and regional planning

Kenneth Curry Library Endowment
English and American literature, the arts, philosophy, classics, and history

Durant DaPonte Memorial Library Endowment
American literature

Richard Beale Davis Humanities Library Endowment

Clayton B. Dekle Library Endowment

Audrey A. Duncan and John H. Fisher Library Endowment for the Humanities

Roland E. Duncan Library Endowment
Latin American history

Dr. Harold Swenson Fink Library Endowment
Medieval history

Dr. Stanley J. Folmsbee Library Endowment
Tennessee and American history

Hodges Books for English Endowment

Paul E. Howard Humanities Collection Library Endowment

Thomas L. James Library Endowment

Mamie C. Johnston Library Endowment

Jack and Dorothy McKamey Humanities Collection Library Endowment

Edward J. McMillan Library Endowment
Religious studies

Elijah Moore Religious Studies Endowment
Religious studies

Flora Belle Moss and Bessie Abigail Moss Endowment

John C. Osborne Memorial Library Endowment
German literature and languages

Charles and Elnora Paul Library Endowment
History and English literature

John L. Rhea Library Endowment for Classical Literature
Classical literature

Norman B. Sayne Humanities Library Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Stiefel Library Endowment
Romance languages

Tennessee Tomorrow Humanities Library Endowment

Charles A. Trentham Library Endowment
Religious studies

United Foods Humanities Library Endowment

Bill Wallace Memorial Library Endowment
Religious studies

Helen B. Watson Library Quasi-Endowment
Music and art

Lindsay Young Library Endowment

Collections—Science and Technology

Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library Endowment

William Waller Carson Library Endowment

Frank M. Dryzer Library Endowment

Carolyn W. Fite Library Quasi-Endowment
Microbiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology

Armour T. Granger Library Endowment

Wayne and Alberta Longmire Library Endowment
Monographs, journals, and audio/visual materials

Stuart Maher Memorial Technical Library Endowment
Chemistry, physics, engineering

Department of Mathematics Library Endowment

Adrian Barry Meyers Library Quasi-Endowment
Mathematics, computer sciences, science, biology, or engineering

Tillman and Kimberly Payne Endowment
Agriculture and veterinary medicine

Dr. C.D. Sherbakoff Family Library Endowment

R. Bruce Shipley Memorial Endowment

Collections—Social Sciences

Renda Burkhart Library Endowment
Business and accounting

Ira N. Chiles Library Endowment for Higher Education
Higher Education

Human Ecology Library Development Endowment
Human ecology

Kenwill Inc. Cartographic Information Center Endowment
Map library

Phillip W. Moffitt Library Endowment

College of Social Work Alumni Library Endowment
Social work

Frank B. Ward Library Endowment

Collections—Special Collections and Preservation

Dr. Bill and Carol Bass Library Endowment
Special Collections

Wallace W. Baumann Quasi-Endowment
Special Collections

Margaret Gray Blanton Library Quasi-Endowment
Special Collections

Margaret Graeme Canning Library Endowment
Special Collections

Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project Endowment
History of the Smoky Mountains

Mary Ann Hagler Library Endowment Fund for Theatre History
Special Collections

William Elijah and Mildred Morris Haines Special Collections Library Endowment
Special Collections

Angelyn Donaldson and Richard Adolf Koella Historical Documents Endowment
Special Collections

John E. and Mary Poitevent Redwine Endowment for the Great Smoky Mountains Regional Project
History of the Smoky Mountains

Special Collections Library Endowment
Special Collections

Dr. Fred O. Stone Library Endowment
Special Collections

Dr. Fred O. Stone University Archivist Endowment
Special Collections

Judith D. Webster Library Preservation Endowment


Reba and Lee Absher Memorial Library Endowment

Lalla Block Arnstein Library Endowment

Violet C. and James M. Blake Library Endowment

Tutt S. and Elizabeth Bradford Library Endowment

Max S. Bryan Library Endowment

Betsey Beeler Creekmore Library Endowment

William E. and Leona G. Crunk Library Endowment

Elizabeth and R. B. Davenport III Library Endowment

Nancy R. and G. Mack Dove Library Endowment

Mildred G. and James E. Fair Jr. Library Endowment

John B. Fugate Library Endowment

Thomas D. Gambill Library Endowment

Henry A. Haensler Library Endowment

Roswitha Haas Preservation and Acquisitions Endowment

Natalie Leach and James A. Haslam II Library Endowment

J. C. Hodges–UTK Alumni Library Endowment

H. Wheeler and Gladys Hollingsworth and John N. and Joanne Hughes Library Endowment

Karen Hicks Hutton UT Libraries Endowment

William H. Jesse Library Staff Endowment

Bill and Rena Johnson Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Lancaster Library Endowment

Jack and Germaine Lee Endowment

Library Acquisitions General Endowment

Library Collections Quasi-Endowment

Alberta Longmire Library Endowment

Margaret A. Payne Library Endowment

Men’s Athletics Department Library Quasi-Endowment

Angie Warren Perkins Library Endowment

Rotary Club of Knoxville Endowment

B. Schiff Family and Betty J. Weathers Endowment

Jack Ross Shelton Library Quasi-Endowment

John J. and Carol C. Sheridan Endowment

John and Janie Sitton Library Endowment

J. Allen Smith Library Endowment

McGregor Smith Library Fund Endowment

Walters Library Endowment

Guy C. Youngerman Library Endowment

Excellence Endowments

Mr. and Mrs. Lytle A. Absher Library Endowment

Anonymous Library Quasi-Endowment

Caroline Perry Cleveland Library Quasi-Endowment

Ellis and Ernest Library Endowment

Franz/Myers Family Library Endowment

Hamilton National Bank Library Endowment

A. H. Lancaster Library Friends Lecture Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Lancaster Visual Services Library Endowment

Library Employee Development Endowment

Library Technology Endowment

Edwin R. Lutz Memorial Library Endowment

Lois Maxwell Mahan Library Quasi-Endowment

Bernie B. and Helen Martin Memorial Endowment

Dwight McDonald Library Endowment

Medbery Library Endowment

Harvey and Helen Meyer Endowment

Mitchell-Jarrett Library Endowment

Lucy S. Morgan Library Quasi-Endowment

Stanton and Margaret K. Morgan Libraries Endowment

Jack E. Reese Library Endowment

Lawrence C. Roach Library Endowment

William K. Salmons Libraries Endowment for Faculty Development

Louise and Aileen Seilaz Memorial Library Endowment

John W. and Janie D. Sitton Library Endowment

McGregor Smith Library Endowment

Otis H. and Mary T. Stephens Library Endowment

Florence B. and Ray B. Striegel Library Endowment

Bruce and Nancy Sullivan Library Deanship Endowment

Mary Weaver Sweet Quasi-Endowment

Valley Fidelity Bank Library Endowment

Virginia Westfall and Josephine Ellis Library Quasi-Endowment

Ronald H. Wolf Library Quasi-Endowment

Dixie Marie Wooten Endowment

Programmatic Endowments

Tennessee Rising: Women in Research and Development Certificate Program Endowment

Service Awards

Red and Theresa Howse and Jim and Betty Papageorge Library Scholarship Endowment

Paul M. and Marion T. Miles Library Employee Incentive Award Endowment

Paul E. Trentham Sr. Library Staff Award for Exemplary Service Endowment

UTK Library Friends Service Endowment

UT Press Endowments

Scot Danforth UT Press Endowment