John C. Hodges Society Advisory Board


Mr. Paul James
Second term ends 2023

Immediate Past Chair
Ms. Linda Natiello Friedland
term ends 2023

Vice Chair
Dr. Chandra Harris-McCray
First term ends 2023


Mr. Anthony Crunk
First term end 2025

Mrs. Blue Dean
First term ends 2024

Dr. Carolyn Hodges
Second term ends 2023

Mrs. Beth Jackson
Second term ends 2025

Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis
First term ends 2023

Mrs. Patricia Mallicote
First term ends 2023

Dr. Susan Martin
Second term ends 2025

Ms. Lillian Mashburn
Second term ends 2022

Mrs. Margie Nichols
Second term ends 2025

Mrs. Nancy Ordman
First term ends 2023

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Steven Escar Smith
Dean, University Libraries
Mrs. Jennifer Beals
Mrs. Elizabeth Greene
Ms. Holly Mercer
Mrs. Stacy Palado
Mrs. Teresa Walker

Emeritus Members

Mr. C. Howard Capito
Mrs. Ileen Cheek
Dr. Craig Colvin
Ms. Betsey B. Creekmore
Sam D. Elliott, Esq.
Mrs. Patricia A. Jobe
Mr. Charlie Kuykendall
Mrs. Townes Osborn
Dr. Fred Stone, Jr.
Mrs. Penny Tschantz
Mr. Charles R. West
Mrs. Cynthia Richardson Wyrick

Student Representative

Consulting Members

Mrs. Gayle Baker
Mr. Brooks Clark
Mr. Jeff Johnson
Mr. Charles Jones
Ms. Linda L. Phillips
Mr. James Rorex Stokely, III
Mr. Suresh Ponnappa
Dr. Linda S. Lee

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