Request an Instructional Session

To assist with media-based class assignments, instructors can request an instructional session for their class with Studio staff. This can range from an orientation to the services offered in The Studio to a demonstration of a piece of software needed to complete the project. Any software we offer as a short course can be taught but we will also teach some other programs.

Please fill out this form with information about the project you plan to assign and information about your instructional needs. A Studio staff member will then contact you to discuss the instruction further.


  • Class project to create short documentary – request camera certification, overview of studio services, introduction to Adobe Premiere
  • Class assigned to record audio interviews – request audio recorder certification, overview of studio services, introduction to Audacity or GarageBand
  • Class assigned to incorporate multimedia into powerpoint presentation – request instruction for adding media to powerpoint and maybe equipment certification
  • Class assigned to create a brochure – request introduction to InDesign software