Music Library Circulation

Loan periods, Renewals, Recalls, Fines, and Deliveries

The Music Library is open to the public for use of materials and services in our facility. In order to borrow items from the library, you must bring in your valid, bar-coded UTK ID card. You can also obtain borrowing privileges through purchase of a subscriber’s card at the Circulation department on the second floor of John C. Hodges Library. In addition, please contact the Circulation department (865/974-4351) for information on reciprocal borrowing agreements UT Libraries has with various other state colleges and universities such as Pellissippi State, Maryville College, MTSU, etc.

For fine policies regarding Hodges Library materials, please visit the Hodges borrow and renew policies page.

Music Library Loan Periods

Reference Books, Complete works (M3s), Historical sets (M2s)In-house use onlyIn-house use onlyIn-house use onlyIn-house use onlyna
Books and Scores4 weeks16 weeks1 year1 yearUnlimited
Periodicals28 days28 days28 days28 daysUnlimited
CDs, DVDs, VHS3 days3 days3 days3 days3 of each (faculty: unlimited)
Audio recorders, Video camera, Tripod, Keyboard24 hours24 hoursstudent-use only (exceptions can be made by staff)student-use only (exceptions can be made by staff)1 of each
Laptops, Headphones, Memory Card Reader6 hours6 hoursstudent-use only (exceptions can be made by staff)student-use only (exceptions can be made by staff)1 of each


Books and Scores may be renewed in-person, or remotely (patron’s account accessed via OPAC or over the phone: 3 times for UG, once for G, twice for F and S, 3 times for Non-UT).  All other items may be renewed in person if no one is waiting in line for its use (for example, laptops)

Request or Recall

If you need to use an item that has been checked out by another person, ask to place a request or recall on the item.

  • REQUEST means that when the piece is returned, the Library will send you a notice and hold the book for you at our Circulation desk.
  • RECALL means that the individual to whom the item is checked out will receive a notice to return the material
    within 10 days. When it comes back to the Library, we will send you (person who has placed the recall) a notice and hold the book for you at Circulation. All borrowers are subject to paying fines if they do not return a recalled item on time.

Overdue Fines and Lost Materials

Fines may be paid at the Second Floor Circulation Desk of Hodges Library or at the AgVetMed Library. You may pay fines and fees with credit card, debit card, VolCard, check, and money order. Hodges Library no longer accepts cash for fines or fees. Some fines may also be paid at the Bursar’s Office on campus or via the web at Circle Park Online. Call Hodges Circulation at 974-4351 for more information about paying fines.

The Music Library staff cannot accept fine payments but can tell you what you owe. Fine policies for Music Library materials include:

  • Regular Books, Periodicals, CDs, DVDs, VHS – No Fines
  • Recalled Items: Books, Periodicals, and Media – 50 cents per day
  • Equipment, including laptops, audio recorders, video recorder, keyboard, etc. – 25 cents per hour
  • Reserve Materials
    • Nocirc – 25 cents per hour
    • 2 Hour/Overnight – 25 cents per hour
    • 1, 3, or 7 day – $1 per day

The maximum fine accruable on any one item is $20.

Borrowers will be blocked from borrowing additional library materials when they have accumulated $5 in fines or other outstanding library obligations. Failure by University of Tennessee students to pay fines or other outstanding obligations will result in the withholding of registration or transcripts. A similar failure on the part of borrowers not affiliated with the University may result in the suspension or revocation of borrowing privileges.

Even though fines aren’t assessed for most circulating Music Library materials, any item which is 3 weeks overdue is automatically classified as Lost and assessed a $70 replacement charge. This will also block the patron from borrowing additional materials. Once the item is returned, the patron’s account is cleared with no penalty. If the item is truly lost, then the patron is responsible for either paying the $70 charge or replacing the item themselves as well as paying a $20 processing fee. Before purchasing a replacement item, please confer with library staff to ensure that an acceptable replacement is going to be purchased.

Delivery and Library Express

Most items from other campus libraries can be delivered to the Music Library using the “Request” link in the Library Catalog. Faculty and graduate students may also have items delivered to their Departmental offices. For more information, please check the Library Express page.

Resource Sharing

If there are items you cannot find in our catalog, but you believe exist in other libraries, you can request the item through Interlibrary Services. For more information, please check the main Resource Sharing page.