Music Library Reserve

The Music Library Reserve Service is a partnership between faculty and the Music Library designed to benefit students by providing convenient access to non-textbook course materials. This access to physical items has been achieved by limiting the loan periods of needed items.

This page should answer all your questions regarding the Music Library’s Reserve Service. However, feel free to contact the Music Library staff with any questions you might have: 865-974-3474

Physical items such as books will be no longer be quarantined upon return. However, we encourage instructors to continue using e-resources for course reserves for Fall 2021 to ensure timely access to all students. Links to online content may be posted to your course Canvas site.

If only a few chapters from a book are needed, you may request scans through DMS. If an entire book is needed, you may submit a request for an e-book purchase by contacting your library subject liaison to request an e-book or to find an alternate text that is available electronically.

There is also the option of utilizing Open Educational Resources and Zero Cost materials for your courses. Refer to OIT for questions regarding how you can implement these materials.

Faculty Information

Please use the reserve request form when submitting your request. The form will automatically be e-mailed to the Music Library staff.

**You must include the loan period for each item on your reserve list. The default loan period for unmarked items will be 2hr/overnight.

***If you use Internet Explorer as your browser and the form appears jumbled, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Tools->Internet Options->Security
  2. Select the ‘Security’ tab
  3. Click the ‘Custom Level’ button
  4. In the ‘Miscellaneous’ section change “Display mixed content” to Enable

If you have submitted your reserve list for a previous semester and would like to reuse the exact same list, the above form has an option to request reactivation of your list.  If there are any changes, please use the other form.

The Music Reserve Service will NOT accept an unmodified class syllabus. All reserve requests must be submitted through this web form.

Helping Students Locate Reserve Items

Information for your Syllabus

The course syllabus should contain enough information for your students to locate research materials easily. Therefore, it should contain:

  • Call numbers for library-owned items. Students must ask for in-library reserve items by call number.
  • Full citations for items on reserve. Identify the author and title of the item. Then identify the chapter(s) or songs, etc. to be studied.

Loan Periods

The instructor chooses a loan period for physical items placed on reserve. The default loan period is 2hr/overnight. All loan period options:

  • No Circ – allows the materials to be used in the library for 2 hours
  • 2hr/overnight – allows the material to be taken out of the library for 2 hours through the day and overnight if the material is checked out within 2 hours of closing. The material will be due an hour after the library opens on the next business day.
  • 1 day – allows the materials to be taken out of the library for 24 hours
  • 3 day – allows the material to be taken out of the library for 72 hours


  • 25 cents per hour for No Circ, 2hr/overnight
  • $1 per day for 1 day items
  • Maximum fine is $20.00 per item
  • Borrowing is blocked at a fine of $5.00

Fines may be paid at the Main Circulation Desk of Hodges Library. Some fines may also be paid at the Bursar’s Office on campus. Call Hodges Circulation at 974-4351 for more information concerning the payment of fines.

Student Information

Ask for reserve items at the Music Library Circulation Desk by bringing the call number for the item you are requesting. Loan periods are set by your instructor and will vary from in library only to 1 day loan.

Items placed on electronic reserve are accessible through the library catalog.

  1. Click on “Course Reserves”
  2. Search by Course Name, Instructor, Department, Title, Author, or Course Abbreviation.

Deadlines for Submission and Processing Time

To ensure availability for the first day of classes, please submit completed reserve request forms to the staff of the Music Library by the following dates:

  • Fall semester – August 1
  • Spring semester – December 15
  • Summer semester – May 15

Reserve requests that are turned in after these dates or that are missing essential information will be processed as soon as possible. Please allow two weeks for requests turned in during the first two weeks of a semester and eight days for requests submitted after that date.

Materials that are held at Hodges or that are checked out may take longer to process. Also, we cannot guarantee that materials that are checked out will be returned. The Music Library will try and purchase materials needed for reserve, but that takes time, and there is no guarantee that all requested materials can be obtained. Please submit a list of items that must be purchased as early as possible.

Items Appropriate for Reserve

Library reserves shorten the amount of time an item may be used by an individual student, making scarce copies of supplementary materials available to most or all of the students in a class.

Most circulating library materials are available for reserve including books, scores, CDs, videos, and DVDs. Legally obtained personal copies may also be placed on reserve and will be returned to the instructor at the end of the semester. The library is not responsible for any damage to the personal copy which may occur during use. Course Packs are not eligible for reserve.

It is requested that the following not be placed on reserve:

  • Items for individual or small group projects. If students are given plenty of lead time, they may use library holds or recalls to get access to materials.
  • Large numbers of books if each contains only one or two readings. Either a course pack or scanning for online reserves is preferred.

Music Library Reserve Service vs. Digital Media Service (DMS)

Options for Online Reserve

DMS offers faculty an opportunity to create their own personal reserve collections containing a wide range of digitized materials. Video, audio, and text-based source materials may all be digitized by DMS. URLs for these materials may then be mounted on the faculty class web pages or in their Blackboard courses. Electronic reserves are no longer available through the library reserve system as of Fall 2014. For more information on the possibilities offered by DMS, please consult their web page at:

If you use web pages or Canvas accounts to support your courses and would like to use digital materials in these contexts, DMS in Hodges Library is the appropriate department to contact.