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UT Libraries is committed to equity of access to information. As a library and a vibrant member of our land-grant institution, we believe equitable access to information is foundational to a strong community and a just world.  We not only support authors with open access publishing fees, we also use our budget to invest in sustainable open access projects with academic publishers. We advocate for change. We share the work of Volunteers with the world. We aim to normalize open access to research and scholarship for students, faculty, and all residents of the state of Tennessee. 

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Open Access, Publishing, and TRACE

Peter Fernandez, Head, Research Impact & Open Access

Research Impact

Judy Li, Research Impact Librarian

Scholarly Communication

Olivia Chin, Scholarly Communication Librarian

Collection Strategy  

Jennifer Mezick, Head of Assessment Programs and Collection Strategy

Data Services Librarians

Brianne Dosch, Social Sciences Data Librarian

Discovery & Access and Informed Inclusion of Resources

Contact your subject librarian.

Licensing Terms  

Contact the Acquisitions and Continuing Resources department.