Digital Slide Submission

The UT Libraries has digital signs on display in its three branches (Hodges, Pendergrass, and DeVine Libraries) to inform students of library-sponsored or co-sponsored messages/events and major updates of campus-wide importance.

When there is space in the 10-slide rotation, we open it on a first come, first served basis — with priority given to our Commons partners . We then give open space to other UT departments, units, and official campus organizations promoting campus events.

Slides are accepted or rejected solely at the discretion of UT Libraries’ Marketing and Communications department. We reserve the right to reject or alter your slide for reasons of clarity and readability, violation of law or campus policy, or to conform to our physical specifications. As a general rule, we will run only one slide at a time per university unit/department.

Send us your slide at least one week prior to your event. Email your slide submission to


1. Slides must be submitted as a JPG, JPEG, PNG, PPT, or PPTX file.
2. 16×9 (WxH) aspect ratio for PowerPoint
3. 1920×1080 (WxH) pixels

The viewing time of a slide is 10 seconds, so keep textual information brief. If slides are submitted that cannot be reasonably read within that time frame, we will not post your slide. Information should be presented so that important details stand out (e.g. time, date, place, and name of an event and/or a web address).

Design your slide to fit our screens’  16:9 aspect ratio. Do NOT merely place your lettersize flyer in the middle of an otherwise blank 1920 x 1080 slide.

Include your unit’s logo on your slide and follow UT’s brand guidelines — — for colors and accessibility.



We do not advertise events organized by non-university entities nor non-library events taking place off campus.

We do not accept job ads, ads for individual courses, ads for events that charge admission, or advertisements for sale of products.

Submit your slide at least one week prior to your event and specify your preferred display dates. Non-library slides will be set to run for no more than 1 to 2 weeks based on the quantity of slides in rotation during the requested time slot.

Campus organization messages must also be approved by the group’s faculty advisor. If you are a student submitting a slide on behalf of a university office or on behalf of a student organization, please copy your supervisor (UT faculty or staff member) or the organization’s faculty sponsor on your email request.