How does Trace define the following terms?

Community: Colleges, divisions, departments, research centers, schools, or an administrative unit within the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Series: The “container” for the content (submissions) that reside within a Community (such as “Publications and Other Works”).

Submission: The content for the series; each individual document placed in the series.

Associated Files (Supplemental Files): Images, spreadsheets, datasets that are .jpg, .tif, or other extensions which are uploaded individually and placed separately after the document.

Author: The creator of the submission.

Site Administrators: Persons authorized to upload and post content and make revisions and corrections to the site.

Community Managers: Persons in charge of a specific community, generally the liaison between the community and Trace.



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For further information on a particular topic, you may contact the appropriate librarian liaison from the following page: Subject Liaison Librarian

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