Data Management and Sharing Services

The Libraries offers support to researchers in meeting funding agency requirements for public access to research data and data management plans. For more information on the data management and sharing support services offered, click on the “Data Management and Sharing Research Guide” link above.

If you are here to deposit your research data:

TRACE (our institutional repository) is no longer accepting data deposits.

UT Libraries recommends all UTK researchers deposit their research data in Dryad using the Data Archiving and Sharing Support Fund.

If you want information about depositing your research data, please visit our Data Archiving and Sharing Support Fund page to learn how you can get funding to deposit your data in Dryad, per UT Libraries’ recommendations.

If you have any questions or what to know more about the research data services we offer, please visit our Data and Digital Scholarship Research Guide.

Or contact the Data and Digital Scholarship Department at