Searching as Exploration Learning Collection

The “Searching as Exploration” collection helps students learn how to search effectively, explore library resources, and reflect on their experiences. These basic resources are aimed at students who have little or no research experience. However, they can be easily adapted for students more familiar with research. 

These resources are good supplements to library sessions; they are also good options for pre- or post-session activities. This collection also has great self-paced options for students to practice, develop, and reflect on their research skills.


Below is a list of the resources and links to each. For more information about these resources and how to use them, see the Information about Resources PDF below.

Information about Resources

This PDF document provides additional context for the “Searching as Exploration” collection. Each resource page has the access link, learning goal, description, and teaching ideas.


If you have questions about the resources or this collection, contact one of these librarians in Teaching and Learning Programs:

  • Grace Therrell, Assistant Professor and Online Learning Librarian, 
  • Anna Sandelli, Associate Professor and Head, Teaching and Learning Programs,