Meeting Minutes

2023-2024 Academic Year

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Belonging and Engaging Committee meeting

February 15, 2024

Hodges 605 and zoom


Attending: Kim Blaylock, Nathalie Hristov, Lee Ann Ratledge, Kris Bronstad, Alex Boris, Will Thompson, Joe McGuire, Tyler Schlandt, Judy Li, Megan Venable, Samantha Ward, Lizzie Cope, Peter Fernandez, Angelica Nepomuceno and Thura Mack


Nathalie reported on year’s Ready for the World Music Series: Turkey program on Sunday, February 25, 2024, in the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center


Joe suggested resources for Women’s History Month in the library for the March HR topic with CEHHS. Megan offered that she and her FUTURE student will pull titles on the subject for a display.


Thura suggested Mental Health Monday on the UTK calendar event. Rocky Top Recovery’s Mental Health Monday peer support meetings are an opportunity to connect with other students, share your struggles and progress, and learn about different mental health topics and coping mechanisms.


Thura asked that everyone share their reflections on the Privilege Layer Cake development activity.



HR topics

PLC reflections

Subcommittee meetings

Belonging and Engaging Committee meeting

January 18, 2024

Via Zoom


Attending: Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Samantha Ward, Lizzie Cope, Tyler Schlandt, Judy Li, Alix Boris, Michelle Brannen

HR topics for February: Privilege Cake on February 8th at 12:30 and Office of Access providing translators for classes and events, as well as resources UT Writing Center ( as well as Student Disability Services (together with what UT Libraries provide).

We will spend the rest of the meeting in sub-committees: Megan will help set-up breakout rooms for our sub-committees.


BE Committee website/ VCC/Culture Corner

Kelly Gray

Lizzie Cope

Peter Fernandez

Kris Bronstad

Megan Venable

Kim Blaylock

Alex Boris

Michelle Brannen


Outreach to campus and community

Joseph McGuire

Judy Li

Lee Ann Ratledge

Tyler Schlandt


Lunch and Learn

William Thompson

Samantha Ward

Thura Mack

Belonging and Engaging Committee meeting minutes

December 14, 2023

Room 128 and Zoom


Attending: Joseph McGuire, Tyler Schlandt, Lizzie Cope, Leeann Ratledge, Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Judy Li, Samantha Ward, William Judd, Kim Blaylock, Kris Bronstad, Nathalie Hristov


HR Topics – MLK Day of Service suggested by Thura, Tyler suggested a calendar of events, Joe suggested highlighting the office of access provides translators for classes and events, Samantha suggested a reminder that we have volunteer hours.


The topics will be MLK Day of Service and reminder about the volunteer hours. Samantha and Thura will write something up for the HR Bulletin.


As you’re making your calendars for 2024 there’s a resource for important dates


Save the date: Privilege Layer Cake

  • Online session with Kawanna Bright is January 24 at 11 in Hodges 605 and Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
  • Breakfast with Kawanna Bright is February 8th at 8:30 AM in Hodges 605.


A signup form will be sent in January for people to sign up for sessions for Dr. Bright’s two in-person PLC

Diversity Committee Meeting

October 19, 2023 | 1-2 PM | Hodges 605/Zoom


Present: Thura Mack, LeeAnn Ratlidge, William Judd, William Thompson, Tyler Schlandt, Judy Li, Kim Blaylock, Lizzie Cope, Nathalie Hristov, Kelly Gray, Peter Fernandez




HR Topics (Thura Mack)

  • Members brought a variety of topics to share on the HR bulletin for November.
    • The group voted to submit a piece on bringing awareness to Native American customs and food to prepare during the Thanksgiving holiday. This will include a recipe or other resources and how to support food insecurity on reservations.
    • Secondly, several events on campus were shared. The group voted to submit a list of events with minimal description to share with library personnel.


Dean of Libraries’ Student Advisory Committee Brainstorm – (Kate Shepas)

  • The group brainstormed ideas on what we would like to DSAC feedback on or input.
    • Topics students are concerned about or interested in
    • How do they see or hear about diversity events on campus? How about their peers? How are they deciding what to go to?
    • Feedback on their views of the library in terms of diversity, inclusivity, and welcomeness. Feedback on signage, spaces, and other things we can improve upon when it comes to diversity in our spaces.
    • Feedback on the Lunch & Learn and other programs. How could we get more participation from student groups and student organizations? Student voices are important, and we do not want to miss those opportunities.
    • Express to DSAC that we are reaching out to them because we truly want to hear their voices and take action on things that we can change.



  • Lunch & Learn: Blackness on Campus will take place on November 9, 2023 from 11:30-1pm in Hodges 605 or Zoom.
  • The Book Read kick-off is next week in the student union.
  • January 24 at 11am in 605 Dr. Kawanna Bright will be running an activity about privilege for the Diversity Committee. She will be visiting campus in February to conduct the activity for the Libraries.
  • In the spring, the Diversity Committee will host a retreat.


Action Items:

  • Thura will email Melanie and Niki about promoting their event in the HR Bulletin.
  • HR Topic #1 will be written by William Thompson, Kelly Gray, and Thura Mack.
  • HR Topic #2: Save the Dates will be written by Kate Shepas
  • William and Kate will send a Google Doc to the Diversity Committee to contribute questions for our November Lunch & Learn: Blackness on Campus.

UT Libraries Diversity Committee meeting

September 21, 2023


Attending: Will Thompson, William Judd, Lizzie Cope, Joe Ferguson, Megan Venable, Kim Blaylock, Joseph McGuire, Lee Ann Ratledge, Samantha Ward, Tyler Schlandt


  • Special guest Joe Ferguson (Joe needs advice from the committee as to whether or not it is discriminatory practice for individuals without a first or last name to leave the field blank in official records) Alma will continue to leave the blank field blank, but make a note on the student record to indicate that states the user has only one name. That way the student will see their name on notices without an indication they only have one name.
  • HR topics
    • Day of the Dead will be observed Friday, October 27th in the Reese Galleria. Come visit the ofrendas the students have crafted for the celebration at the day-long event.
    • International Festival is October 20th 10 – 2 PM on the Pedestrian Walkway. The UT Libraries will be hosting a table; keep an eye out for a sign up to volunteer at the event.
    • Lunch and Learn on October 12th noon – 1 PM in Hodges 605. It will be a panel discussion on Civil Conversations. THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED.
  • Sub-committee reports –
    • Privilege Layer Cake update (Lizzie) – Dr. Bright will come as a visiting lecturer in spring 2024.
    • Book Read update (Megan) – the kickoff meeting is scheduled for October 26 from noon – 1 PM in SU 225 and will feature the head of the Africana Studies department Shayla Nunnally and faculty member Robert Bland.
    • VCC update (Megan) – the site has been updated with the resources for Iranian Culture for women, and a new topic on African American history has been suggested to Molly Royse.
    • International Festival (Joseph McGuire) – October 20th 10 – 2 PM on the Ped Walkway and will feature international sports and games.
    • Will reported that there will be a Lunch and Learn October 12th on Civil Conversation in 605. An invitation will be sent out to the DC to come and brainstorm questions for the panel with Kate and Will. THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED.
  • Next DC meeting will be October 19th in 605 and

Diversity Committee Meeting: Thursday August 17, 1-2

Room 605 or


Attending: Thura Mack, Peter Fernandez, Lee Ann Ratledge, Judy Li, Kate Shepas, Kim Blaylock, Tyler Schlandt, Joe McGuire, William Judd, Kelly Gray, Kris Bronstad, William Thompson, Alex Boris, Samantha Ward



Announcements – Host Will Wilson exhibit tour @ McClung on August 30 at 1 PM


HR bulletin topics –


Day of the Dead celebration will be on October 27th, Jewish New Year is starting September 16th, and Hispanic Heritage Month is September and There will be a workshop on Title IX on September 12th


All the book lists from various Culture Corners in the past have been archived and available for viewing on the libguide here:


William Judd and Tyler and Lee Ann will work on the calendar piece for HR bulletin


Structure: Breakout into subcommittees – select co-facilitators for each group, edit guidelines for each subcommittee and set up 2 – 3 goals for the group and action items to reach those goals

  1. Subcommittees report out progress (If we run out of time facilitators email Megan your subcommittee report to be included in the minutes)

Website subcommittee – Megan will serve as facilitator.


Want to find a way to determine what users want from the site and seeing if we can provide that for them.


Examine peer sites for their content and perhaps borrow ideas from them. Have some questions identified by the next meeting to ask of faculty and staff. Do you know the website exists and does it provide the information you are interested in?


Lunch & Learn Subcommittee Meeting

Aug 17, 2023 12:00 PM


Present: William Judd, Thura Mack, Kate Shepas, William Thompson, and Samantha Ward



  1. Define Lunch & Learn series 
  2. Discuss first topic: Civil Conversations 
  1. Select potential panelists/moderators
  2. Communication email to send to panelists/moderators 
  1. Discuss second topic: Blackness on campus
  1. Select potential panelists/moderators
  2. Communication email to send to panelists/moderators 
  1. Communication email to panelists



  1. Will Judd spoke with Lola in marketing. Their team will need 3-4 weeks notice for a marketing campaign of the event. Cathy Jenkins left past materials, which we could quickly modify for the event. 



  1. Define Lunch & Learn Series
    • The subcommittee determined that the Lunch & Learn programs will incorporate traditional elements from the past such as panel discussions while having the ability to explore creative options to add or improve the program for the future. 
    • The Lunch & Learn Series is a program hosted by the UT Libraries Diversity Committee to promote civility and awareness of diversity issues. The subcommittee group identifies a social justice or cultural awareness topic or opportunity that is impacting our society, campus, library, etc. Traditionally, the program is a panel discussion with a moderator offered from 11:30-1 PM in a hybrid environment in either the library or the Student Union. 
    • We always communicate that Lunch & Learn Spaces are a safe space, and we have a ground rule that everyone in the room is respected. 
    • Suggestions were made to grow the vision for future Lunch & Learn programs to have more creative spaces and somewhat less knowledge based discussions and more creative based discussions. 
    • Questions for the panel will be formed partly by subcommittee members as well as inviting the panelists and moderators to add questions to feel they have a voice and are respected for their knowledge. 
    • Role of moderators: people with related experiences or people who we feel will do a great job. 
    • The group was interested in offering HR credit for Lunch & Learn events. This was done in the past and would need to be coordinated with Susan and Elizabeth. 
  1. Discussion: Civil Conversations topic
    • The group selected potential panelists, back-up panelists, and moderators. 
    • Potential panelists include: 
  1. Be One UT rep: Delphia Howze, Chief Inclusion Strategy Officer, Email:, Phone: 865-974-8170
  2. Dr. Ernest Brothers,
  3. Duren Thompson, Educational Program Coordinator, Ombuds,
    • Back-up panelists include: 
  1. Dorothy Wallis,, experience in de-escalation techniques, College of Social Work. 
  2. Representative from the Counseling Center
    • Potential moderators: 
  1. Anthony Prewitt, Director of the Multicultural Center,
  1. Discussion: Blackness on campus topic
    • The group was unable to reach this discussion topic. We will reach out via email regarding this topic. 
  1. Communications Email to Panelists
    • The group worked together to edit the communication email to send out to panelists and moderators. 
    • Deadline for edits is August 25, 2023. 
    • After the email is complete, the group will delegate responsibilities for communicating out to panelists/moderators.


Outreach Subcommittee

  •  Co-facilitators: Joseph McGuire and Tyler Schlandt
    • Create and maintain shared event calendar document
    • Create a stand alone event for students and community 
      • (Film festival?, gaming tournament?,) 
    • International Festival 
      • Theme this year International Sports and Games
  • Have popcorn, giveaways, and sports and games at the tables, international candy
  • October 20



Meeting Minutes June 15, 2023

Attendees: Thura Mack, Kim Baylock, Kate Shepas, Kelly Gray, Tyler Schlandt



  • All current committee members are to send Megan their short bio to update the Diversity Committee website!
  • Nathalie Hristov agreed to join the committee as Ex-Officio.
  • The website subcommittee has been working on tidying up the website.
  • New member orientation is next Thursday, July 22nd from 1-2 PM in the Mary Greer Rm and Mark your calendars and come out to support Thura, Megan, and Tyler running the meeting and welcoming new members. 


Lunch & Learn

  • Move this agenda item to next month.


July HR Bulletin topics


Committee restructuring

  • The restructuring volunteer group (Peter, Megan, Tyler, Christy, Judy, Alex and Thura) met and decided on four areas that the committee will focus on for the meetings.
  • The new meeting structure will consist of: whole committee meeting, split into small working groups, and potentially come back to report out at the end of the meeting.
  • Members will submit the area they would like to participate in. The working groups will decide on their goals for the year with a subcommittee working group leader.
    • Diversity committee website.
    • Virtual Cultural Corner website/physical culture corner (topic proposal)
    • Outreach to campus and community/International Festival
    • Lunch and Learn programs (program coordination)
  • Spreadsheet will be done in July for members to volunteer for subcommittees.
  • On the spreadsheet, we would like members to be able to indicate if they want to take on two opportunities.
  • We will pilot the restructuring for the Fall, reflect and assess in December/January for moving forward.



DC Minutes – April 20

Present: Kim Baylock, Elizabeth Greene, Sara Greene, Judy Li, Tyler Schlandt, Kate Shepas, and Megan Venable

Diversity Committee meeting minutes

Thursday, May 18 at 1 PM


Attending: Michelle Brannen, Kim Blaylock, Megan Venable, Thura Mack, Kate Shepas, Tyler Schlandt, Sara Green, Alex Boris, Christy Cortes, Judy Li, Kelly Gray and Peter Fernandez


Announcements –

Save the date for the International Festival is October 20th from 10 – 2. The committee agreed to participate in having a booth for it; perhaps put together a task force to talk about a plan for it.


HR Bulletin topics for June –

Topic 1: announcement to welcome new members.

Topic 2: Project GRAD will be held in Hodges Library in June and taught by members of the Diversity Committee.


New member selection – discussion was held and there was an agreement to invite Will Thompson, Lizzie Cope, Lee Ann Ratledge, Kris Bronstad, Joseph McGuire, William Judd, Samantha Ward. Dean Smith will be given the slate of proposed new members for his approval. New members would be invited to attend orientation in June and attend their first meeting in July. Additionally, Nathalie Hristov will be invited to join as an ex-officio member in recognition of our collaborations over the years. Kate will work with Thura on getting an invitation letter to her to ask her to join the committee.


Lunch and Learn updates – please think about ideas for upcoming L&L topics (including potential speakers as well as subject ideas). Megan will send out some standard language describing the Lunch and Learn series. (see below)


The UT Libraries Diversity Committee hosts and participates in a number of campus-wide activities to promote civility and awareness of social justice issues. Our Lunch and Learn series has covered a variety of topics such as “How to be an Anti-Racist: From Theory to Practice,” and “Reflecting on our Foundations: Native Voices and Stories.” We’ve also covered topics such as “Financial Literacy” and “Conversations on Immigration,” so you can see we cover a wide variety of subjects during these programs.


Ideas for new meeting structure – there will be a push to make meetings more productive. Peter suggested we examine the committee members strengths for assessment. Christy, Peter, Judy, Alex and Thura will be a subcommittee to meet to discuss how to restructure. The subcommittee will report to the full committee in June.

Concern for Chinese Students

  • A UT Daily Beacon article surrounding the ban of Tik-Tok and WeChat addressed feelings and concerns from our Chinese students as they use these apps to communicate back home. Continue to be aware of the affect this state law is having on our students and making them feel isolated.  
  • Additionally, be aware of the house bill being passed at the state level that affects the campus, professors, and students.


Book Read Update


HR Topics for May

  • Kim will share a small list of video resources that represent the Cultural Corner.


Call for New Members

  • ACTION: please review the call for new members and submit any suggestions to Megan by Monday, April 24th.
  • A suggestion was made to ask new members to give examples of skills they could add to the committee, such as experience with fliers, programming, website skills, or event tabling.
  • Megan will send out to ALL-STAFF after suggestions are taken into consideration.


Cultural Updates for Different Groups

  • Kate explained the scenario encountered at the coffeehouse event with the Iranian Student Organization and the misrepresentation of the country’s flag.
  • Kate proposed an idea to potentially include student groups in the diversity committee’s discussions when thinking about programs and events.
  • The Diversity Committee will plan to meet with the Dean of Libraries’ Student Advisory Committee in the Fall to talk with the group and get recommendations for culture corner, lunch and learns, and other diversity committee programs.
  • There may be an opportunity to reach out and get feedback from specific student organizations in the creation period and selection of library materials.

Diversity Committee meeting minutes 3.23.23

Via Zoom


Attending: Thura Mack, Ernest Brothers, Alex Boris, Judy Li, Christy Urquieta Cortes, Kim Blaylock, Kelly Gray, Megan Venable, Kate Shepas, Tyler Schlandt, Michelle Brannen, Sara Green


  • Announcements
  • HR Bulletin topics
  • Ideas for future space/programming
    • Judy suggested bringing some games to campus that offer an orientation into different cultures
    • Michelle offered that Paris Whalon is looking in to getting some games on civil rights/disparity
    • Kelly suggested a trivia night
    • Tyler suggested putting a stage in the area behind Starbucks and Kelly and Kate had ideas on how to utilize the space in the fall
    • Michelle suggested working with the International House on putting together a trivia night in the fall and Judy offered to work on that initiative
    • Michelle suggested a poetry reading
    • Judy suggested soothing music for Destress
    • Sara a table with a poster with squares listing different professions and in talking with students placing push pins into their major asking them if they have considered working in a corner of the field not regularly looked at. Have lists that have different culturally important businesses/offices that address these options. An example would be health care on an Indian reservation, a rural area with low income residents or immigrant center.
    • Thura suggested having the radio station come over
  • Book Read update
    • 22 titles were suggested; a vote will go out next week to all lib, SIS and the student ALA chapter
  • VCC update
    • The physical culture corner is up; the website will soon be updated

Diversity Committee meeting minutes

Thursday Feb. 16, 1-2pm


Attendees: Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Kate Shepas, Alex Boris, Kim Blaylock, Elizabeth Greene, Trey Hobson, Kelly Gray, Peter Fernandez, Tyler Schlandt


Diversity Committee meeting:


FUTURE student internship – making good progress with Lauren; please let Thura know if there are any projects she can be working on.


Women’s History Month update – Alex reported that we have a list of 45 titles and if you collect the book please initial that you retrieved it on the spreadsheet. The “notable women in history” display will go up March 1 in recognition of Women’s History Month.


Megan asked about the possibility of partnering with the Center for Financial Wellness and creating a book display in April on financial wellness. Alex agreed and we will work together on the display.


VCC – Molly is making progress on our next Culture Corner, and a meeting is scheduled for the VCC in early March.


Book Read update – meeting scheduled for Friday, February 17th


Upcoming Lunch and Learns –


Friday, February 24

1:00pm-2:00pm Lecture: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO), Student Union 270 and Zoom:


Thursday, March 9

Noon – 1:30 A panel has been set to discuss students and financial hardship/food instability Big Orange Closet (Blake Weiss), Big Orange Pantry (Johanna Ramb), Center for Financial Wellness (Philippa Satterwhite – moderator of panel), Dean of Students Office (Javiette Samuel) and Smokey’s Pantry (Nicole Carvagno).  Student Union 360 and Zoom:


Be thinking of future topics for the summer or fall Lunch and Learns.


Tyler asked that we find additional ways for the diversity committee to have more of a presence in the day to day libraries activities. It was suggested that a diversity committee highlight be part of the HR minute. Elizabeth suggested keeping the HR minute on each agenda so that she will know what to include on each communication.


Megan gave a brief overview of her work with the National Coalition Building Institute diversity training for the campus.


Alex will get Elizabeth the information about the women’s history month book display, and Thura will get Elizabeth information on Thoughtful Thursdays for the HR minute.


Kim suggested some streaming videos be featured for the April HR minute provided it doesn’t interfere with public performance rights.


Next Meeting is March 16



UT Libraries Diversity Committee

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Via Zoom


Attending: Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Kate Shepas, Tyler Schlandt, Alex Boris, Christy Urquieta Cortes, Judy Li, Alison Meadows, Peter Fernandez, Kelly Gray


  • Collaboration with Nathalie Hristov, for the Ready for the World Music Series: Ukraine
    • Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) is an initiative of over 1,500 international volunteers who are collaborating online to digitize and preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage. Since the start of the invasion, SUCHO has web-archived more than 5,000 websites and 50TB of data of Ukrainian cultural institutions, to prevent these websites from going offline. The websites range from national archives to local museums, from 3D tours of churches to children’s art centers. ***This activity is open to a limited number of in-person attendees based on meeting room capacity. A Zoom option will be available for online participation and is open to the public.
    • Nathalie requests our assistance with tiny URL links for sessions and monitoring of Zoom; surveys (creation, distribution, collection, and input); attendance and participation for sessions (especially the 2/24 session from 1 – 2:30 in Student Union 270); submit questions for presenters; and any help setting up and breaking down after each session would be appreciated.

The full schedule for the visit is below:


Friday, February 24, 2023


1:00pm-2:00pm Lecture: Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO), Student Union 270 and Zoom:

2:00pm-2:30pm Q&A from audience

2:30pm Wrap up with in-person attendees: what are UT Libraries’ social responsibilities to the community (regional, professional, global)? what strategies/and or takeaways from today’s session can be applied to our work in the UT Libraries?

3:00 Dismiss/Break down 


Presenter: Quinn Dombrowski (Digital Humanities Librarian, Stanford University; SUCHO Coordinator)


Marking the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, librarian and project coordinator Quinn Dombrowski (Stanford University) will present a lecture on a library-led effort, Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO). SUCHO is an initiative of over 1,500 international volunteers who are collaborating online to digitize and preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage. Since the start of the invasion, SUCHO has web-archived more than 5,000 websites and 50TB of data of Ukrainian cultural institutions, to prevent these websites from going offline. The websites range from national archives to local museums, from 3D tours of churches to children’s art centers. ***This activity is open to a limited number of in-person attendees based on meeting room capacity. A Zoom option will be available for online participation and is open to the public.


Sunday, February 26, 2023 (attend as able)


12:30pm-2:00pm Ready for the World Music Series (Art and cultural exhibits; reception), SOM Lobby 

Exhibitors: Viktoriia Cubbedge, Oksana Kravchenko, Anya Allen, Alina Blium Anderson, Oolidea, LLC, UT Libraries, koloHUB. 


2:00pm-4:00pm Ready for the World Music Series (Music performance and lecture), SOM Recital Hall 

Presenters: Angelina Gadeliya, Solomia Soroka, Sergei Vassiliev 


Monday, February 27, 2023 – Mary Greer Rm


1:00pm-2:00pm Lecture, Ukrainian Music: The Story of Passion, Struggle, and Hope  

2:00pm-2:30pm Q&A from audience

2:30pm Wrap up with in-person attendees (light refreshments).


Presenter: Solomia Soroka


Ukraine’s geopolitical history is probably one of the world’s most dramatic and tragic, as is its history of music. This lecture offers an insight into the Ukrainian classical musical scene starting with the 17th century and proceeding into modern times. The audience will be introduced to the music of four most important composers of Ukraine: Mykola Lysenko, Vasyl Barvinsky, Myroslav Skoryk, and Yevhen Stankovych, and discuss various musical and political factors that influenced life and their creative output.  


  • International Café
    • First Wednesday of every month from 1 – 3 PM in the Mary Greer Room – Feb. 1 (China; Judy made note that this is also the start of the Chinese New Year), Mar. 1, Apr. 5, May 3
  • FUTURE student intern
    • FUTURE is a UT comprehensive program that helps young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities make a successful transition from high school to adult life. They are looking for placement of one of their students in the libraries. Tyler volunteered to assist in transitioning this student in the library. David Castleman is the contact with FUTURE to work in transitioning the student into the library.
  • Lunch and Learn updates
    • A panel has been set to discuss students and financial hardship/food instabilityBig Orange Closet (Blake Weiss), Big Orange Pantry (Johanna Ramb), Center for Financial Wellness (Philippa Satterwhite – moderator of panel), End Hunger/FEED Change (Javiette Samuel) and Smokey’s Pantry (Nicole Carvagno). We are planning on holding the event in-person/hybrid in early March.
  • There will be Book Read and VCC updates in the February meeting.
  • Tyler suggested we use the mobile book display in late February to feature a topic.
  • Judy suggested a book display for female journalists for Women’s History Month. Judy, Alex, Thura, Alison, Kate and Kelly all agreed to work as a subcommittee on this subject and Megan will schedule a meeting for everyone.

Diversity Action Plan

Learn how the libraries are working to advance access, accountability, an inclusive campus climate, and equity.

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