Our short story contest winners are …

Every November is National Novel Writing Month. Each year, the NaNoWriMo nonprofit organization hosts an international novel-writing challenge to promote creative writing. Once again, the UT Libraries and the Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center joined in the fun by hosting our own short story contest.

Students attend the kick-off event for the 2023 Short Story Contest
Students at the kick-off event for the 2023 Short Story Contest

Twenty-three students dropped by our five-hour “write-in” on the evening of November 8. Tutors from the Writing Center were on hand to provide guidance and support. At the kick-off event, contestants were given a choice of three writing prompts and challenged to let their imaginations soar. They were given one week to complete and submit a short story. We received 22 submissions inspired by our prompts:

Prompt #1Write about a god desperately trying to get their chosen hero to follow the path they set out for them.

Prompt #2Your character has just realized the app they’ve been developing has become self-aware. How do they react?

Prompt #3Every year, one person is sent to the moon. This year, though you hid in terror, it is your turn to enter the rocket.

We’re pleased to announce the winners:
1st Place:  “The God-Maker” by Laura Dixson
2nd Place:  “The Arctic Jewel” by Anonymous
3rd Place:  “Mina” by Mollie Smith

Honorable mention:

Congratulations to each of our writers. Click on the links, below, to read their stories.