ETLA Board Meeting for September 24th

ETLA Executive Board Meeting Agenda
SoKno Taco, September 24th, 2017, 1:00 pm
Attendees: Michael J. Lindsay, Marissa Snead, Amy Dye-Reeves, Stephanie Adams, Matthew Jordan, Wanda Rosinski

Welcome & Call to Order:
Welcome to current members and new members, recognize members rotating off.
Each member of the Board gave a small introduction about who they are and where they work. The new officers are: Michael J. Lindsay (President). Michael works at Preston Medical Library as Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian; Amy Dye-Reeves (Vice-President/President-Elect). Amy works as a Library Media Specialist at Jefferson County Schools. Stephanie Adams (Treasurer). Stephanie works as an Electronic Resources Librarian at Tennessee Technological University; Wanda Rosinski (Secretary). Wanda works at University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries in Cataloging and Metadata Services as a cataloger; Matthew Jordan (former President). Matt works as the Director at Clinch River Regional library).

Review & approve minutes from the previous meeting.

No record of minutes from previous meetings being brought up or voted on.
Review & approve Treasurer’s report
The Treasurer (Wanda) gave a printed document to the President (Michael) with a statement from the bank about current balance of ETLA accounts. She reported that currently, in the checking account was $773.12, and that the balance will be $783.12 after depositing a $10.00 check to the account; the following week, check was deposited 9/29/2017 and the latter balance.

IV. Old Business
Planning for Upcoming Programs:
Service Project:
We reminisced about past service projects as a possibility to repeat the same projects during current term. Organizing thematically books for the Lincoln Park Methodist Church seemed as a good possibility. Michael will check if they need our help again. In the past, we helped Jefferson Library to move to their new location. Stephanie mentioned that Pellissippi State Community College is building a new library. She will ask if there will be a possibility to help.
Social Events Planning:
Report on the Smokies Baseball game. It was fun. Discussion followed on how to
better promote this event to improve the attendance. Also, Rothrock Dinner and other social events could have a better participation. The TLA digest listserv was discussed as a possible venue.
Plan for Fall Hike. All members agreed on October 14th at 10:30 a.m. for the
Fall Hike in the Ijams Nature Center.
Open discussion on Fall events (bowling?, dinner/movie?).
I do not have in my notes, if we discussed it, please update me on it (Wanda).

New Business
Planning for the 2018 Rothrock Dinner.
Diane Kelly, the new director of the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences (SIS) was proposed as a guest lecturer. Amy will ask Dianne and report on that. We discussed again how to improve enrollment and the possibility for students’ enrollment. Matt suggested we could contact the Student President (I need clarification here) and invite them for membership participation and/or attending the Rothrock Dinner.
Tentative schedule for the Rothrock Dinner is April 12, 2018.

Association Bank Account – Adding new Treasurer to ETLA bank account.
Wanda Rosinski, Stephanie Adams, Michael J. Lindsay, and Meg Harrison will meet during the week of October 9, 2018 in a branch of Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union Bank to change the names on the account.

VII. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourn at 3:25 p.m.