August 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Agenda
August  17, 2011

Lisa Travis, President, Presiding
Susan Simmons, Immediate Past President
Andy Madson, Vice President
Alison Jones, Treasurer
Martha Earl, Secretary
Ann Viera, Newsletter Editor
Peter Fernandez, Webmaster

I. Approval of Agenda. Meeting convened at 5:30pm with approval of agenda.

II. Minutes from the July 13, 2011 Board Meeting:  Approved with revisions.

III. Treasurer’s Report:  Alison Jones

IV. Old Business

1. Book Brag – pick location and publicize

Andy reported that Union Avenue Books is open until 7pm on Thursday evenings and until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The Board agreed on September 22 and discussed other venues. Barnes and Noble is hosting Sharyn McCrumb on Sept. 22 at 7pm.  Some KCPL branch libraries are open until 8pm. Central Street Books was suggested. The meeting will start at 5:30.  JustRipe, next to Union Avenue Books, is open until 8pm.  Ann will call JustRipe to ask if ETLA members can move from Union Avenue Books to JustRipe when the bookstore closes. Andy said that they are okay with groups using JustRipe. Space for sitting is limited at both Union Avenue Books and JustRipe. Ann suggested bringing folding chairs. Ten people came last year to the Book Brag program. JustRipe has three tables.  Ann suggested gathering at JustRipe at around 5pm and starting the program at Union Avenue Books at 5:30pm. As for parking, people can park at the UT garage and others.  Andy will work on a map.  There is free parking in the evening down town. Lisa asked Andy to send information for the announcement to Ann.

2. Carol Tenopir webinar Wednesday, November 9, at 2pm EST – she needs to submit title and description to Lisa

3. Jason Griffey

-Available all of May except May 3rd

– He wants to know “What are the details re: a Rothrock lecture? Can you give me
more information about the expectations there? Details on style, content,
outcomes would be great, and if we move forward with it some idea of your
budget as well.”

Lisa will suggest May 8th date to him. ETLA will offer him $50, ETLA membership, and mileage. Normally he receives $500 as a speaker fee but is willing to do it for ETLA for less. As for topics, he could speak on e-books, e-readers, web technologies, gadgets and gizmos, or what will matter in 12 months for technology in libraries. Peter suggested asking him what he is most comfortable speaking about and asking him to fit the topic to the local audience. Ann suggested picking three topics. Susan said that we will need a tech friendly venue. Lisa noted that the audience wants to hear practical advice and tips on this topic. Susan moved that we go forward with asking Jason to speak on May 8th and asking him to choose a topic. Ann seconded.

4. Partners for online 2.011 conference – we are signed up as partners

V. New Business

  1. Comments from Andy and Alison for announcement to members – please submit them to me via email and cc Ann
  2. Ideas for programs?

-For the January program, Ann suggested Steve Smith, the new UTK Libraries Dean. SIS TLA/ALA student chapter members and other SIS students will be invited.

-Lisa suggested a speaker who is a scholar on local race riots as an additional program should one be needed.

-The Carol Tenopir webinar is the November program.

-In March ETLA will plan something to be held in conjunction with the TLA Annual Conference in Knoxville. Lisa suggested a roundtable discussion. TLA is March 21-23, 2011.

-Lisa suggested offering door prizes at meetings again, or gift certificates.  Andy moved that ETLA offer a $35 gift certificate as a door prize for the meeting at Union Avenue Books. Martha seconded. Lisa asked Alison to write a check for the $35 to Union Avenue Books.

-Alison said that Andy will go on the ETLA bank account with her. They must add their names to the account on the same day but do not have to be there at the same time at the bank.  Alison and Andy will get the transfer accomplished.

-Other ideas?

VI. Next Board meeting date – brief one at the book brag

VII.  Adjourned at 6:32 pm.