July 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Agenda
July 13, 2011
Louis’ Restaurant

Lisa Travis, President, Presiding
Susan Simmons, Immediate Past President
Andy Madson, Vice President
Alison Jones, Treasurer
Martha Earl, Secretary
Ann Viera, Newsletter Editor
Chris Durman, Past-President
Susan Poorbaugh, Immediate Past Treasurer

I. Welcome and Introductions:  The meeting was convened at 7:07pm.

II. Approval of Agenda:  Approved.  Martha moved. Chris seconded.

III. Minutes from the June 8, 2011 Board Meeting: Approved with revisions. Andy moved. Susan P. seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report:  Susan Poorbaugh

V. New Business

A. Membership committee

        1. What are the goals?
        2. What will the deadline(s), if any, be?

Lisa said that we need to determine goals. She encouraged everyone to invite others to join ETLA. Susan P. suggested taking membership lists, which currently have 163 names, and contacting each person with dues renewal notices and promotion items.  Lisa emphasized that each person has the responsibility for outreach. Ann brought up ALA Remix idea of partnering with other organizations.

B. Partnerships

  1. Partner with each? If so, who will be the liaison for each? The liaison for each is noted.a) TASL-Martha
    1. KAHSLC-Lisa
    2. THeSLA-Lisa
    3. SLA Tennessee Valley Chapter-Susan
    4. Friends of Tennessee Libraries-Susan
    5. ACL-Alison
    6. Others? No others noted.
  2. What are the goals? Goals have yet to be finalized.
  3. What will the deadline(s), if any, be? Deadlines were not determined.

C. Publicity

  1. Listserv – Who will promote programs to each listserv? Liaisons are noted.
    1. LIBREF-L (webinars only)- Ann
    2. MEDLIB-L (webinars only)- Lisa
    3. DR-ED (if relevant; webinars only- Lisa
    4. SIS alumni- Lisa
    5. TLA-Martha
    6. Boone Tree Library Association-Martha
    7. SLA Tennessee Valley Chapter-Susan
    8. SLA (webinars only)-Susan
    9. THeSLA-Lisa
    10. KAHSLC-Lisa
    11. UTKSIS-L-Andy
    12. TnLibTech-Susan
    13. Collib-L-Alison
    14. InfoLIt-L-Alison
  2. Newsletter – Vote to distribute via print, electronic, or both. Use of Drupal will include electronic distribution options.
  3. Who will bring membership applications to meetings? Who will remind attendees about ETLA membership dues? Susan will bring applications to meetings. Lisa will draft an email to new members to welcome them. Alison said it is important to let members know that dues are received and paid.  Andy asked who keeps the membership list. Ann mentioned that she had not known that it was part of her responsibility as newsletter editor to maintain the membership list. The group agreed that the responsibility logically falls with the Treasurer’s position due to receipt of dues. Alison said that she will send receipt of dues receipts. Susan P. added that we need a way to remind members of dues. Alison will review the Excel list for expiration dates. July through June will be the membership year. One month later a reminder email will be sent to membership.  The membership list was separated from the Treasurer’s responsibilities due to inconsistent lists.  It makes sense to put the responsibility back with the Treasurer.

D. 2012 Rothrock

1.     Jason Griffey as speaker? See http://jasongriffey.net/about/   Lisa will contact him for Rothrock in 2012.

2.     Location? Lisa asked the Board to start thinking about locations. Ann suggested disassociating dinner from the Rothrock lecture. Chris recommended having the dinner despite problems.  Susan P. noted that Puleo’s was workable venue. Ann noted that dinner could be optional. Chris agreed there could be a compromise and explained difficulty of booking a room without guarantee of a certain amount of money to be spent on dinner.  Ann suggested hosting Rothrock at locations that do not require purchase of food.  She proposed polling members.  Chris replied that the survey demonstrated that people would pay $20 for dinner.  We lost money at Naples.  Copper Cellar required that so much be spent in food. Andy suggested the UT Visitors Center.  Martha suggested having refreshments instead of a dinner, or ETLA could charge $5-10 per attendee to host a reception as TLA has done.  Ann and Alison noted that a reception can promote mingling and socializing of attendees.

3.     Date? May 2012 with day to be determined

  1. Plan Book Brag
    1. Location?  Due to objections by some Carson Newman members last year, we will not hold the book brag in a bar this year.  Ann suggested Lawson McGhee.  The Board discussed low KPL attendance at Lawson McGhee and inviting FOTL and friends. Ann suggested Ag-Vet-Med Library.  Andy suggested Union Avenue Books. Andy will ask Union Avenue. Lisa will check with Barnes and Noble.
    2. Date? Sept. 22
    3. Other – Bring food? Special publicity ideas? Food was not discussed.
  2. Plan Carol Tenopir webinar
    1. Pick week – November 9 at 2pm.
    2. Moderator(s). Lisa, Susan, and Andy will moderate.
    3. Publicity – Special publicity ideas? None specified.
  3. Brainstorm program ideas. Ideas mentioned included an article cowritten by ETLA Board members to be submitted to multiple local newspapers, What Would Topie Do buttons (permissions may be needed to use her photo), and program on fundraising. The new UTK library director, Steven Smith, would be welcome. Other topics were deferred to future meeting planning.
    1. Tour a library? Deferred
    2. New UTK library director, Steven Smith. Definitely to be considered.
    3. Lisa – Games in the curriculum-Deferred
    4. Lisa – Race riot program by friend-Deferred
    5. Lisa – electronic books-Deferred
  4. Worldwide Library 2.011 Conference-Be a conference partner?  Andy agreed this would be a good idea. Board agreed.
  5. Strategic Planning Report to TLA. Lisa will take care of this.
  6. Any other new business? Chris and Susan P. brought up the need to change the First Tennessee bank account for ETLA to Alison and Lisa. This is a formal process. Andy, Alison, and Chris will check on what is needed to change over authority on account.

Lisa suggested a need for an advocacy role from ETLA, such as letters supporting libraries to local leaders.  She also suggested hosting a career clinic and sponsoring a volunteer service project at a library, perhaps one with flood or storm damage.

VI. Next Board meeting date

  1. Location: GotoMeeting in August
  2. Date: Lisa will send poll.

VII. Adjournment at 8:04 pm.