April 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Meeting
April 6, 2011

Susan Simmons, President, Presiding
Chris Durman, Immediate Past-President
Lisa Travis, Vice-President
Martha Earl, Secretary
Susan Poorbaugh, Treasurer
Ann Viera, Newsletter Editor

I. Welcome:  The meeting was convened at 6:09pm.

II. Approval of Agenda: Approved with changes. Lisa moved. Susan P. seconded.

III. Minutes from the March 9 Board meeting were approved with revision. Lisa moved. Susan P. seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was approved.  Lisa moved. Martha seconded. Chris asked about receipt of the refund from the Beck Center. Susan P. has requested the refund. Ann requested reimbursement for February program costs.

V. Old Business

A.     Rothrock 2011

Parking Information

Advertising (email ETLA list, listservs, Facebook)

The Rothrock notice went out. Chris reported that some people are requesting alternate menu choices.  He is investigating special orders from UT Catering.  The venue will be the Hermitage Room on the 3rd floor of the University Center.  Cost will be $20 for dinner with a reduced cost of $10 for students.  Ann sent the notice to UT staff, ETLA members, and SIS Alumni. Susan will send to TLA-L. Susan P. will send to the public libraries discussion list.  Lisa will send the notice to the TASL list and to Facebook.

We will need final number and payment to UT Catering by April 25. No walk-ins will be allowed. Susan suggested ordering a couple of extra dinners. Aramark prefers that people do not attend an event without paying. Susan P. noted that the number of extra dinners needed would be unpredictable. Last year there were two walk-ins.

Ann suggested notifying community groups with which Felicia and Dr. Yarn are involved.  Chris will confer with Thura Mack on the 50th anniversary.

Susan discussed the cancellation policy. We need 50 registrations. Susan P. will confirm registration.  After April 24th, ETLA will not refund for the Rothrock event.  The no refunds policy is standard. Susan P. will receive checks and handle the payment to UT Catering.

ETLA will pay for the speakers’ dinners and free memberships. Chris suggested flowers for the tables. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm. Chris suggested moving that time to 6:15. Ann noted that the announcement said that dinner would be served at 6pm. The Board decided that this would be too early.

Ann will take care of signs and liaison with the University Center for signs and e-calendar.  Ann will also seek a floor plan of the University Center to aid in directions.

Chris said that the length of the program would be roughly an hour. He will check on the microphone and podium. The Board discussed the Rothrock program agenda. Chris will introduce the speakers. Susan will welcome the attendees and set up a more formal agenda.

Ann suggested writing a follow-up letter to UT Catering to provide feedback on service quality.  Susan P. will write the follow-up thank you notes to the speakers.

B.     Pamela Martin Webinar

Ann constructed the webinar description based on the speaker’s article. Lisa will ask Annelle for instructions on how to register for a GoToWebinar. Lisa will be moderator and wingman for the webinar. The Board discussed a backup for Lisa. Susan will ask Tim for information on how GoToWebinar works since he is familiar with the program.

C.     Election

Ballot distribution method

Ballot timing

Ballot content (additional candidate info)

All candidates for Vice President and Treasurer must be ETLA members.  Candidates have been notified and will update membership status.  Ann checked the by-laws and did not find membership status requirement.

Lisa suggested that we add bios to the ballot. Chris noted that last year approximately 15-20 people voted in the election.  Martha suggested that a simple description identifying the title and affiliation of each candidate could prove helpful to voters.  Each candidate will be asked to provide 2-3 lines of biographical information. Martha and Susan will create a ballot.

The slate will be presented at the Rothrock. Candidates do not have to be in attendance.

Susan P. noted that only members can vote. Ann suggested sending the ballots out after the Rothrock. Martha suggested presenting the option to vote at the Rothrock by paper ballot. Those voting must sign their ballots so that Susan P. can verify membership.  The ballot will go out to the membership after the Rothrock for email voting.

VI. New Business

No new business

VII. Next Board meeting date:  The Board will meet at the Asia Café on May 2 at 6pm.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 7:17pm.


ETLA Business Meeting
April 28, 2011 6:00 PM
Annual Rothrock Lecture

Lecture by Felicia Felder-Hoehne and her sister, Dr. Barbara Lynne Ivey Yarn
University of Tennessee, University Center, Hermitage Room


Susan Simmons
Lisa Travis
Chris Durman
Susan Poorbaugh
Martha Earl
Ann Viera
Tim Byrne
Matt Jordan
Linda Behrend
Donna Braquet
Lana Dixon
Gayle Baker
Jeanine Williamson
Gail Connor
Felicia Felder-Hoehne
Dr. Yarn
Mr. Yarn
Dr. Edith Smith
Sandy Leach
Martha Gill
Julie Julian
Marie Garrett
Bill Stevens
Kenton Temple
Ed Sullivan
Cynthia Manley
Janette Prescod
Thura Mack
Kynita String-Stanback
other guests

I. Welcome and Introductions: President Susan Simmons convened the Business Meeting at 6:58.  She welcomed ETLA members and guests.

II. Approval of Agenda: skipped

III. Minutes-Distributed: skipped

IV. Treasurer’s Report: skipped

V. Overview of ETLA:

President Susan Simmons provided the background of ETLA and the Rothrock lecture series.

A.     She also reviewed the 2010-11 programming and announced the Pam Martin Webinar in May.

B.     The President announced the candidates for ETLA officer and the opportunity to vote at the meeting or later via email with signed ballots.

C.     The President introduced the 2010-2011 officers.

D.     She introduced Past-President Chris Durman who would be introducing the speakers.

VI. Susan Simmons adjourned the meeting at 7:02. The program began at 7:05pm and concluded at 8:45pm.