January 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Meeting
January 13, 2011

Susan Simmons, President, Presiding
Chris Durman, Immediate Past-President
Lisa Travis, Vice-President
Martha Earl, Secretary

I. Welcome:  Due to technical difficulties, Susan Simmons convened the meeting at 6:22 pm.

II. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved.

III. Minutes from the December 1 Executive Board Meeting will be forthcoming.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Also forthcoming

V. Old Business

A.   February Program

Lisa reported that the February meeting is lined up. Ann sent the announcement to the Board and asks that Board members send it to designated discussion lists. Martha asked about refreshments. Lisa replied that we can have snacks and drinks at the Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature. Susan noted it is too late to send out a newsletter for this program. Susan will contact Ann to send out another reminder about the program. Board members will send out reminders to assigned lists.

B.   Rothrock 2011

Lisa reported that Griffey is not available for the Rothrock program. Susan suggested Pam Martin. Lisa suggested Carol Tenopir, who spoke at the Rothrock lecture in 1995. Susan mentioned Bill Robinson. Martha suggested Chuck Sherrill or Lynette Sloan. Martha brought up the ROSA workshop’s speaker on libraries and the Latino community.  Susan confirmed that Rothrock speaker does not have to be a librarian. Susan can check with Lynette for the name of the ROSA speaker. Chris suggested Bob Booker who volunteers at the McClung Center. Bob is an author and columnist. Susan mentioned the film librarian at ETHC. Chris suggested Felicia Felder-Hoehne, who still works at UTK. The Board voted unanimously to ask Felicia about doing the Rothrock lecture on April 14th or 28th. Lisa will contact Felicia.

C.   Pamela Martin Webinar

TLA is renewing the GoToWebinar software contract. She will ask Ann to work with Pam for a date in March, keeping the dates of the TLA Conference in mind.

 D.   Return on Investment Program

Carol Tenopir is working with UT to create an ROI database.  Susan noted that May would be better for a day time webinar. TLA Board retreat is scheduled for  May 20. FOTL meets on May 13.  Wednesday is preferable for a program. Lisa will contact Carol.

E.   Board Member Candidates

Officers are still contacting potential candidates.

VI. New Business

A.   Rothrock 2012

Susan suggested booking Jason Griffey to do the 2012 Rothrock lecture this year rather than waiting, due to his popularity as a speaker.  The Board agreed by consensus. Susan suggested April 2012. Martha noted that TLA will be in Knoxville in 2012.  Susan will ask Jennifer Cowan-Henderson or Louis Morgan, TLA Conference Chairs, about arranging the Rothrock in conjunction with TLA.

VII. Next Board meeting date:  Susan set the next meeting as a brief one in conjunction with the February program.  The Board will meet after the program.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 7:08 pm.