August 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Meeting
Monterey Restaurant
August 23, 2010

Susan Simmons, President, Presiding
Chris Durman, Immediate Past-President
Lisa Travis, Vice-President
Susan Poorbaugh, Treasurer
Martha Earl, Secretary

I. Welcome: Susan Simmons welcomed everyone to the meeting at 6:15.

II. Approval of Agenda: The agenda was approved.

III. Minutes from the July 26 Executive Board Meeting: Corrections were made to the minutes and the minutes were approved with corrections. Lisa moved. Susan P. seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Susan will distributed the Treasurer’s report for July 2010. No change since May report.

V. Old Business

  1. Summary of 2009-10 year and programming
  2. The Book Brag was a successful program as the first meeting of the year. Susan recommended starting this year’s programming with a Book Brag or similar program.
  3. 2010-2011 Calendar
  4. Susan provided the Board a copy of the report to the TLA Board.
  5. Susan handed out a calendar for 2010-11 programs. Programs will be held in September, November, February, and April (Annual Rothrock Lecture).  The first program will be an informal book talk.

VI. New Business

  1. Goals and theme brainstorming
  2. Chris noted that a goal is to keep the attendance up. Ann suggested Library 101 to him.  Rugby field trip would accomplish that.
  3. Lisa suggested Library 3.0.
  4. Chris suggested using TLA’s 2010-11 theme of Partnerships. Last year ETLA had a theme of partnerships that was successful. All library organizations are struggling. Combining organization meetings boosts attendance
  5. Programming brainstorming
  6. Lisa suggested that perhaps we could consider having 5 programs instead of 4. She mentioned that we could do another joint meeting with KAHSLC. Martha added that Lisa’s osteopathic websites would make a good joint KAHSLC/ETLA program.
  7. Lisa also said that we could partner with the public library on the book brag, or have a resource brag that included websites. Susan noted that the book brag is a casual program and could be done in a restaurant.  Lisa suggested including a summary of successful summer reading programs with the book brag. Sean McCullough could be invited as an example of summer reading program successful performers.
  8. Chris noted that Sean could talk about issues around what he does, music and storytelling, music of the region. Susan added that this could also attract academic librarians to Sean’s program. Lisa suggested that Sean’s program could be held in the evening to include school librarians, who cannot get off during the day except for inservice days. Chris said it has historically been difficult to get school librarians to come to ETLA programs. Susan P. mentioned that Chris had emailed them and they said they might be interested in a joint program this year.
  9. Susan asked who goes to TLA Board meetings. Martha said that she goes to 3 out of 4 and will represent ETLA when she goes. Martha applauded Susan and Chris for sending ETLA reports to TLA Board.
  10. Martha noted that the TLA conference is in March. Lisa suggested submitting her osteopathy site program as an ETLA sponsored program.  Lisa also suggested having the Rothrock at TLA or around TLA if we are considering the Rugby tour to invite more participants.  Also, Murfreesboro to Rugby distance is comparable.  Martha noted that  MidTN or TSLA could be partners.
  11. Susan mentioned Chris at UTC as a possible Rothrock speaker on Libraries 3.0 or ebooks. She is nationally known.   Chris said we should review the past Rothrock program topics.  Susan said she would follow up with UTC contact. Chris added that ebooks is a hot topic.  Susan P. said that digital music is a similar issue.  Lisa noted that the issue of copyright on e-versions is also interesting.
  12. Lisa suggested the author of a book on race riots in Knoxville.
  13. Susan P. said that we can start with Rugby and go to Ebooks programs. Library 101. From brick and mortar to email said Lisa.
  14. Chris liked the idea of books and movies tied to Knoxville. Susan mentioned the film librarians at the Tennessee Archive of Films. Bradley Reeves.  Other history projects include Volunteer Voices and the digitalization currently ongoing at UT libraries. Lisa suggested the filming review process at ETHC.  ETHC is open late only on Mondays. The program would have to be in the daytime or on Monday evening.
  15. Susan P. mentioned that the book brag is easy. Susan said we want to start with a book brag annually.
  16. Lisa has the book brag, TASL, Rugby, and ebooks listed as program ideas.
  17. Chris clarified that the book brag and website brag would work better as separate programs. Susan suggested a webinar for the ebooks discussion.  We could look into TLA’s GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting.  Our TLA unit membership expires in December.
  18. Lisa said she would contact Rugby and TASL. The Rugby trip would have to be on a Saturday.  Susan added it would work best in the spring.  Martha said it should not be earlier than April due to weather. Chris wondered if we should move Rothrock back to autumn.  Lisa said we could move it to November and put the Rugby program in April or May.
  19. Susan added that SLA will meet in Knoxville on September 11 at ETHC.
  20. Martha said that Carpe Librum was a good venue for the book brag. Chris said they stayed open for us last year. Susan P. suggested the 23rd or 30th. Chris suggested that we invite others besides librarians to book brag. Lisa will call Carpe Librum to ask if they will stay open for us. Chris said they can encourage their regular customers to come to the program. Lisa suggested posting on
  21. Any other new business?
  22. Chris mentioned creating an ETLA Facebook page. Martha noted that FOTL and KCPL have Facebook pages.
  23. Susan asked Board members to take responsibility for posting program announcements on various discussion lists. Susan P. will take KCPL. Chris will do UT.  Lisa will take UTAlum. Susan will do the public library list and ask Mary to do TASL.  Martha will do TLA-L and KAHSLC.
  24. Lisa will contact TASL to consider joint meeting with Sean. Chris suggested that TASL may have other suggestions.
  25. Martha asked about the student chapter joint meeting. Susan said that they may be interested in doing the web brag program. Chris added that the location for the joint student meeting has been a problem. Student meetings have had poor attendance.  Martha noted the one at KCPL that was well attended but those on UT campus did not have good attendance.
  26. Chris suggested Bradley Reeves for Rothrock. Susan P.  added that Steve Kaufman is head of ETHC and could be consulted. Susan said there are only two staff on Monday radio night.  Chris said that Rothrock is a big food event.  Lisa suggested the Copper Cellar.
  27. Chris said ebooks is also a great idea for Rothrock. Martha suggested the University Welcome Center, the former Faculty Club.  Lisa suggested the S&W, but Susan said she had checked prices and S&W too expensive. Barley’s and Naples were also suggested. Chris said that Naples changed prices from the original quote.  Susan P. suggested LMU downtown.  Lisa will check on availability and options for LMU.  They have night classes. Susan suggested catering option at $20 per person. Lisa clarified no food allowed in tech rooms.
  28. More discussion on when to have Rugby trip and moving Rothrock to November.  Susan P. suggested asking Bernita at Rugby when the best time would be.
  29. Susan set Book Brag for Sept. 23rd or 30th. She will also ask Annelle about GoTo options, send Lisa info on UTC speaker for Rothrock consideration, and set up the ETLA Facebook page.
  30. Chris said that Peter will link off the ETLA website to the Facebook page. He will check with Carpe Librum about book brag meeting. Chris suggested a photo of the Board for the Facebook page.

VII. Next Board meeting date: Susan set the next meeting as a brief one in conjunction with September program.  The Board will meet again in October.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm after a photo was taken of the group for the Facebook page.