February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Minutes
February 22, 2012
Litton’s Restaurant, Knoxville, TN

Lisa Travis, President, Presiding
Susan Simmons, Immediate Past President
Andy Madson, Vice President
Alison Jones, Treasurer
Martha Earl, Secretary

I. Welcome and Introductions:  The meeting was convened at 6:27 pm.

II. Minutes from the September 22, 2011 Board Meeting: Martha was unable to attend that meeting, held briefly after the Book Brag program.

IV. Treasurer’s Report:  Alison reported that she consulted a lawyer regarding the issues involved in moving the ETLA bank account. ETLA cannot use TLA’s 501-C3 code. Lisa will work toward filing of papers for ETLA for a 501-C3 code.

Andy reported that the Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union emphasized that we will need to change over the names on the account on the same day. Both officer names must be on the account.  Susan noted that a 501-C3 code will enable ETLA to have a tax id and become a member of the credit union as a nonprofit. No personal member credit union will be necessary as officers will change. The credit union charges no account maintenance fees. All other financial institutions investigated did charge account fees.

Susan moved that in the future we accept the bank/credit union account balance as the Treasurer’s report. Alison seconded. Motion passed.

V. Old Business

  1. Programs
    1. 6 people attended the Book Brag held at Union Avenue Books on September 22.
    2. Over 100 people participated in the ETLA sponsored webinar by Carol Tenopir on November 9. ETLA used GotoWebinar as a TLA affiliate.
    3. Alison’s program is planned for April 12th at the UT Pendergrass Ag-Vet-Med Library. The meet and greet will start at 6pm and the program at 6:30pm. Andy will check with Ann about the availability of the room. A special invitation will be extended to UT SIS students.
    4. Rothrock scheduled for May 10. Andy said that Puleo’s will not charge us for the room. Several restaurants already had rooms booked due to graduation weekend. We can choose three options for the main course. The cost of the meal will be at least $20 per person. The guest speaker will receive his meal and a one year membership in ETLA. Andy moved that we set the venue as Puleo’s. Susan seconded. Motion passed.

2. Membership Form

  1. Lisa noted that the website information states that members will receive a mailed copy of the membership directory. We could email a pdf copy or other electronic version.  We would need member permission to post names online. We discussed whether to change the membership form to give members a choice in delivery of the membership directory. Lisa will ask Peter to change the form online to give members a choice whether to get the directory in print or electronic format.
  2. Lisa is 2/3 of the way through sorting through the various spreadsheets to compile an updated membership list.
  3. Alison found in the by-laws that the Treasurer does maintain the membership list. Alison said that we need to address whether we will send an acknowledgement of payment of dues.
  4. Alison suggested changing membership year to calendar year, January to December. Martha moved as such. Andy seconded. Motion passed. Lisa noted that this requires a by-laws change. We have to have an acceptable membership list to send ballot regarding a by-laws change. We discussed bringing this to a vote at the Rothrock lecture meeting.

VI. Next Board meeting date: brief meeting after April program

VII. Adjournment at 7:30 pm.