March 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Board Meeting
March 9, 2011
Asia Cafe

Susan Simmons, President, Presiding
Chris Durman, Immediate Past-President
Lisa Travis, Vice-President
Martha Earl, Secretary
Susan Poorbaugh, Treasurer
Ann Viera, Newsletter Editor

I. Welcome:  The meeting was convened at 6:08 pm.

II. Approval of Agenda: Approved with changes.

III. Minutes from the February 6 meeting were approved. Chris moved, Susan P. seconded.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was approved.  Lisa moved, Martha seconded.

V. Old Business

A.     February Program Recap

B.     Rothrock 2011

Chris contacted Felicia Felder-Hoehne.   Only approved caterers may be used at the Beck Center.  Others require a $100 fee. Negotiation is possible. We expect 40-60 people.  Ann will send a Save the Date message for April 28th.  It will cost $450 to use the Beck Center.  We could expect a big turnout from philanthropic groups. Beck Center has a small library and archives. We do not want the cost of food to exceed $25 per person.  Last year we had 22 in attendance for the Rothrock.  Alternate venues were discussed.

C.     Pamela Martin Webinar

Ann reported that the webinar could be delayed until May.  Lisa will work with the GoToWebinar software. Susan will send the password.  Ann will send the dates that Pam Martin has available and more details on the program from Pam.

D.     Return on Investment Program

Lisa will contact Carol Tenopir regarding a May program on the value of libraries. Possibly we could hold the idea for next year’s programming. Another possible speaker could be the new Dean of UTK Libraries.

E.     Board member candidates & Election

Possible candidates for Vice President and Treasurer were discussed. Susan noted that candidates must be ETLA members or join.

VI. New Business

No new business

VII. Next Board meeting date:  The Board will meet using GoToMeeting on April 6.

VIII. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.