December 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

ETLA Executive Board Planning Meeting
Friday, December 18, 2009
T Ho Restaurant, Knoxville, 11 am

Mary Bartolini, Past President
Chris Durman, President
Molly Moore, Secretary
Susan Poorbaugh, Treasurer
Becky Smeltzer, Newsletter Editor

Presiding: Chris Durman
Recording: Molly Moore

Chris motioned to approve the minutes from Oct 1, 2009 and Nov 12, 2009.
Molly seconded.

II. TREASURER’S REPORT –No change since last report
Balance as of October 31, 2009 $1,256.09

Balance as of November 30, 2009 $1,256.09

• The Book Brag was a success and should become an annual event.
• The program held at Shoney’s over dinner was also a success. Both the speakers and dinner option drew people to the event. Note: A buffet dinner was quick, easy and convenient for individuals to pay for themselves- a great option for a meeting.
• Our goal this year has been to increase attendance. We are getting good turnouts by moving meetings around and trying new things.
• Discussion about our last program led to these points:
o The VP should request a bio from each speaker prior to events. Bios can be submitted directly to President.
o ETLA should buy speakers a meal, if it is a dinner meeting.
Becky motioned that ETLA give a complementary 1-year ETLA membership to all program speakers, retro active to July 1, 2009.
Chris seconded.


A. Additional Program in 2010
• The majority of the board agrees that we should plan a 5th and final meeting for the year in the Spring. It was agreed that this should be more of a social outing and very low-maintenance to plan. Ideally, we would piggyback onto an existing event that we could just invite members to show up to. Ideas include, Jazz Fest at KCPL, attending a program hosted by a local bookstore or coffee shop, and the Agee Crash Bash.
• The Board agrees that the final meeting of the year will be held at the Agee Crash Bash, which is usually held annually on May 18th at the Checker Flag Sports Bar, 7428 Clinton Hwy, 947-8667.

B. Membership Survey
• The Board agrees that a short survey to members about programming should be sent out in January. This survey will be created using a free online survey software, ask no more than 10 questions, and ask questions to find out preference for programs, including: time, location, topics, etc.
• A link to the survey will be e-mailed to the membership, and a link will be included in the January ETLA newsletter.

C. Website Update
• Peter will be asked to update the current web site while in transition to a new website.
• It was agreed that the secretary should send approved minutes directly to the webmaster so that they can be posted.

D. Rothrock
• The Board agrees that April is a good month to schedule the Rothrock lecture. We will shoot for a Thursday, since that is a day that seems to work for a lot of people.
• Ideas for the location were tabled until a later time. It will not be Naples, due to past problems with prices changing at the last minute.

E. Secretary Coverage While Molly is on Maternity Leave- Feb-May 2010
• The Board can consider rotating taking minutes, can seek a temporary replacement, or can seek someone who might transition into taking on a full term in July.
• The Board will start thinking of people who might fill in for a few months.

F. Identifying ETLA Board candidates for VP, Secretary and Newsletter Editor for 2010-2011.
• Announcement soliciting nominees to be included in the January ETLA newsletter.
• Will consider including a write-in question about this on the programming survey as well.

• A joint event with KAHSLC (Knoxville Area Health Science Library Consortium) WHERE: Preston Medical Library
WHEN: Wednesday, January 27th, 11 am -1 pm.
WHAT: Tim Byrne, Senior Outreach Librarian at the Department of Energy, Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) in Oak Ridge, will talk about OSTI’s databases and federated search products, including the Information Bridge,, and
• Announcements will be made via listservs and the January newsletter.

• Susan S. to send letter with membership information to speakers from this year’s programs.
• Chris will draft a membership survey and distribute to the board by January 6th.
• Becky to send a draft of the Newsletter by January 6th with a goal to send out January10th.
• Promote next ETLA meeting (January 27, 2009)
• Molly to send Peter minutes for 2009 to post online.
• Peter to update existing web site while designing new layout.
• Before scheduling the Rockrock, check local calendars, such as UT and KCPS, to avoid spring break dates. Also avoid Easter week and the TASL conference.
• Share potential Rockrock locations via e-mail.
• Share potential temporary secretary names via e-mail at beginning of January.

• Get new web site up and running
• Mary to archive ETLA documents at the McClung Collection.
• Becky will work on an ETLA brochure.
• Chris might contact Kevin Reynolds, TLA President, to discuss similar membership goals and partnering opportunities.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35 pm