Faculty Bookplate

Join the Provost in honoring the continued success of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville faculty members.

Thank you for helping with the Faculty Bookplate Event

Office of the Provost

Heather Cockrum

Angie Cross

Kirsten Schroeder

Alissa Sommerfeldt

Office of Communications and Marketing

Beth Kurtz

University Law Library

Suzanne Smalley

University Libraries

Isabella Baxter

Louis Becker

Robin Bedenbaugh

Teresa Berry

Ellis Bosco

Donna Braquet

Tonya Brewer

Nancy Bright

Kris Bronstad

Chris Caldwell

Drew Christensen

Robin Cox

William De Leonardis

Melanie Dixson

Brianne Dosch

Chris Durman

Chris Eaker

Joe Ferguson

Peter Fernandez

Sarah Funk

Brooke Gross

Brittany Hatcher

Nathalie Hristov

Valeria Hodge

Cathy Jenkins

Mat Jordan

Olivia Kelley

Niki Kirkpatrick

Tur Chung Lee

Edison Li

Judy Li

Julia Loving

Michael Lowe

Greg March

Regina Mays

Jennie Mezick

Victoria Ogle

Amanda Richards

Allison Roberts

Mike Rogers

Molly Royse

Martha Rudolph

Annamarie Russell

Olivia Saccullo

Allison Sharp

Christy Thomas

Samantha Ward

Christine White

Derek Williams

Gail Williams

Jeanine Williamson

Ken Wise

Tennessee Volunteers Magazine

Published by the University of Tennessee Athletic Department to provide articles and statistics on a variety of sports.

Photographs of UT athletic players and coaches