PeerJ Institutional Arrangement

About the Pendergrass Library Institutional Arrangement with PeerJ

PeerJ Institutional Arrangement Fund status:

  • $7053 as of July 2021
  • The cost for 1 article in PeerJ Life Sciences is $995, and the cost for 1 article in PeerJ Computer Science is $795.
  • Submitting a preprint is free.

Changes to the PeerJ UTK Institutional Plan effective 3/6/2017:

  • Instead of a lifetime membership plan for all authors, the Pendergrass Institutional Plan covers Article Processing Charges (APC).
  • APC fees are a very affordable $995 per article for PeerJ and $795 per article for PeerJ Computer Science.
  • Any UT Knoxville faculty member, post-doctoral associate, or currently enrolled graduate student whose article has been accepted may apply for funding.


  • PeerJ found that institutions were more comfortable with funding the APC model than the membership model.
  • Accounting is clearer and administering the plan is simpler.

All lifetime membership plans paid for with the Pendergrass Institutional Arrangement (UT Knoxville authors in PeerJ Bioscience or PeerJ Computer Science who participated from June 2015 to February 2017) are still in effect.

PeerJ Lifetime Membership plans are still available:

How to Apply for Funding to Cover the APC of $995 for PeerJ Bioscience or $795 for PeerJ Computer Science:

Before submitting the article to PeerJ, fill out the form below or call or write Isabella Baxter (865) 974-8116, to make sure there are funds available to cover the APC for your article.

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