February 2011

ETLA Business Meeting

February 2, 2011

6:00 PM

Sean McCollough Program

University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Center for Children’s & Young Adult Literature


Susan Simmons

Lisa Travis

Chris Durman

Susan Poorbaugh

Martha Earl

Ann Viera

Judy Greeson

Tim Byrne

Matt Jordan

Carrie Beth Lowe

Linda Behrend

Caramia Willoway

Alison Jones

Andy Madsen

Sean McCullough, Speaker

30 students from IS 330

I.           Welcome and Introductions. President Susan Simmons convened the Business Meeting at 6:16.  She welcomed ETLA members and guests from Cara Mia’s IS 330 class.


II.          Approval of Agenda-Skipped


III.          Minutes-Distributed-Approval skipped



Treasurer’s Report:  (Approval skipped)

Financial Statement

Balance             $1,323.56



Balance as of December 31, 2010          $1,323.56

Submitted by Susan Poorbaugh, Treasurer


V.          Old Business. Susan Simmons reported on the success of the Book Bash and Rugby Trip programs.

A.     Book Bash, September 2010

B.     Rugby Trip, November 2010


VI.            New Business

A.     Rothrock Lecture  (Lisa Travis)- Lisa reported that planning for the Rothrock lecture for 2011 is in progress.

B.     Webinars (Ann Viera)- Ann reported that Pam Martin, University of Utah, will present a webinar on “Societal Foundations.” The webinar is potentially scheduled for March.

C.     Looking for candidates for ETLA treasurer and Vice President/President –Elect-Skipped


VI.            Next Board meeting  —  Brief gathering after tonight’s meeting


VII.           Susan Simmons adjourned the meeting at 6:20. The program began at 6:21pm and concluded at 8:00pm.