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CrossMark: Decide What Scholarly Content to Trust

What is CrossMark?

Isaac Newton attributed his success to “standing on the shoulders of giants.”  Relying on previously published research is how knowledge progresses.

But did you know that scholarly books, articles, and conference proceedings continue to be cited even after they have been retracted, withdrawn, or revised?  Also multiple sources of content are available on the web: from databases, to authors’ websites, to PDFs on your own computer.  How do you know which version to trust?

The CrossMark update identification service gives students and researchers the information they need to verify they are using the most up-to-date version of a document.  CrossMark also provides information about publication history, such as how the study was funded and reviewed and where to find additional data.

How CrossMark Works

If a publisher subscribes to CrossMark, you will see the CrossMark logo on an article, book chapter, e-book, or other document on the publishers’ website.  Click here to see examples of the CrossMark logo on different types of documents.


Simply click on the CrossMark logo on the PDF document or webpage to see if the document is current or if updates are available.  Click the link to see any corrections or updates to the article.


Additional Resources on CrossMark

Have more questions about research, citations, and scholarly communication?  Contact a Pendergrass subject librarian!

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