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The “Ultra-Lounge” CD series by Capital Records purchased by Music Library!


“The neon above the door reads Ultra-Lounge. By walking through this door you step back into time. Not too far back. Just a few decades. Back to a time when “evolution” meant taking out the olive and putting in an onion. When Generation X was a secret atomic weapon aimed at the White House by double agents and long-legged Russian spies whose names only Matt Helm could pronounce. This is a place clothed in the skins of leopards and sharks. An era bathed in high-octane hi-balls and swimming in elixirs made more potent by garni and dangerously curved glassware. Time here is viewed through the seductive haze of slow-heated gazes. Lipstick-kissed cigarettes ashtray-dance with cigar stubs and cherry stems. The atmosphere mambos to a soundtrack of cool. Rumbling saxophones, jazzy vibes, over-heated Hammonds, and the sexy chill of a brush across a cymbal. Bold, exotic rhythms strut to the cacophony of the Atomic-Age.”

Ask at the Circulation Desk for Call numbers CD15778 – 15794, which include:
Mondo Exotica
Mambo Fever
Space Capades
Bachelor Pad Royale
Wild Cool and Swingin’
The Crime Scene
Cocktail Capers
TV Town
Bossa Novaville
Wild Cool and Swinging’ Too
Mondo Hollywood
Bottoms Up!
A Bachelor in Paris
Organs in Orbit

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