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Bald Eagle Flies off the Endangered List

Today the bald eagle is expected to be removed from the endangered species list.
In 1940 Congress noted the decline of the national bird, passing the Bald Eagle Protection Act making it illegal to harm or sell bald eagles with out a permit. Bald eagles were added to the Endangered Species list in 1967 preceding the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which passed in 1973. Widespread use of DDT following World War II contaminated the fish, the primary food source for the eagle, and weakened their egg shells. The use of DDT was banned in 1972 following the release of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. (available @ AgVet Library: SB951 .C47).
The US Fish and Wildlife Service offers species sheets online. Click here for the bald eagle information sheet.
Visit for more information on endangered species.

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