TNDP Batch Names 2014-16

Batch names - Tennessee musicians
TNDP batch names – people with a Tennessee music connection. How many can you name?

The first batch of microfilm for the TNDP 2014-16 award cycle is now with our digitization vendor, iArchives. We send microfilm to them in small batches and they return the digital images and metadata for each reel. The Library of Congress requires each of these batches to have a name. The choice of names is entirely up to each awardee. Here’s how LC explains it:

“Referring to a batch as “last month’s batch” or even the “fifth batch” can leave room for interpretation. The fifth hard drive sent in is not always batch 5. To accomplish this clarity, what evolved in NDNP is a standardized way of naming batches using a word unique among that awardee institution’s batches. For example, a series of data could use the names of aliens (e.g. “alf,” “beeblebrox”). Different institutions have pulled their lists of names from various sources. Some have used alphabetical lists of cities within their state, or a list of philosophers, or foreign countries or musicians.
We ask that the NATO radio alphabet no longer be used. Repeated use has caused confusion. See this page for existing naming schemes: .”

For the previous two award cycles (2010-12 and 2012-14), TNDP used Tennessee musicians, or people with a strong Tennessee music connection. We’ve decided to keep that theme going through 2014-16. Pictured above are the new inductees into the TNDP batch hall of fame. How many did you recognize? (answers below)


Answers: Anita Kerr, Bertha Walburn Clark, Carla Thomas, Dinah Shore, “Smilin'” Eddie Hill, Fred E. Smith, Gus Nennstiel, Harry Nides, Ira Louvin, James D. Vaughan, Kathy Hill.