Help make pictures in newspapers easier to find!

Screenshot from Beyond Words
Transcribing text will help make cartoons, photographs, and illustrations easier to find in Chronicling America newspapers.

This is your chance to help make pictures in newspapers easier to find!

Beyond Words is a new pilot project by the Library of Congress, which allows everyone to contribute to creating more structured and usable metadata about cartoons, illustrations, maps, and photographs in a selection of Chronicling America’s newspapers.

This pilot project focuses solely on World War One-era newspapers. There are three separate steps you can choose to work on – mark, transcribe, verify. The first allows you to identify pictures on the page, the second lets you transcribe the caption or accompanying text, and the third asks you to verify what others have contributed.

You can also choose a specific state to work on – – there are plenty of Tennessee newspapers!

Just be warned – – it’s VERY addictive!!

Screenshot of Beyond Words
Help create better information for Tennessee newspapers in Chronicling America!