HTML and Coding

Handling Special Characters and HTML Coding

If you would like to use bold or italics in your abstracts, you may do so using the corresponding HTML codes. If submitting an abstract in HTML format, please be sure to select the corresponding option on the submission form. The following HTML tags are recognized by the system and may be used to format an abstract (be sure to use lowercase tags):

<p> – paragraph

This is the first paragraph.</p>
<p>This is the second paragraph.</p>

This is the first paragraph.

This is the second paragraph.

<br> – line break

This is a line of text with a linebreak here. <br> This is text after</p>

This is a line of text with a linebreak here.
This is text after

<strong> – strong/bold

bold text</strong>

bold text

<em> – italics/emphasis

italicized text</em>

italicized text

<sub> – subscript

Text with <sub>subscript</sub>

Text with subscript

<sup> – superscript

Text with <sup>superscript</sup

Text with superscript

Place the first HTML tag before the word/group of words that you would like the formatting to apply to. Place another HTML tag, at the end of the section you wish the formatting to apply to, but include the / in the tag. For example:

    • [This is a <strong>bold</strong> word.]
      • This is a bold word.

To include accents and special characters in the abstracts and titles, read the following:

Windows Users

The method for Windows users to enter these characters into the submission form involves pressing the ALT key plus a four-digit number using the numeric keypad (with Num Lock on).

  • ALT + 0224 = à
  • ALT + 0225 = á
  • ALT + 0232 = è
  • ALT + 0233 = é
  • ALT + 0200 = È
  • ALT + 0242 = ò
  • ALT + 0243 = ó
  • ALT + 0241 = ñ

Macintosh Users

Macintosh users should press the Option key while typing one of the letters below to get the desired character.

To Get This:
Type this key combination:
circumflex ê Ê Option + i, the letter
umlaut ü Ü Option + u, the letter
cedilla ç Ç Option + c or C

¿ Option + ?

ß Option + s

ß Option + 0 (zero)



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For further information on a particular topic, you may contact the appropriate librarian liaison from the following page: Subject Liaison Librarian

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