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The Studio

Request Equipment Certification

Use the form below if you would like to check out Studio equipment but have not yet received the certification training. If you’ve already received the training and need to reserve equipment, go to the equipment reservation form.

We offer an online certification for our cameras and video cameras. We also offer an online certification for digital audio recorders. All other equipment requires one-on-one training with a staff member. Additionally, you may request to receive camera certification in person if you prefer not to watch the online certification. The one-on-one training generally lasts 15 – 30 minutes. The certification will cover the loan policies that you must agree to abide by when checking out equipment and the basics of using the equipment.


Note: You will be responsible for following our policy and use guidelines when checking out equipment. Read our policy and find out more about equipment now.


  1. Fill out the form below to request one-on-one equipment certification.
  2. Indicate times and dates you are available to meet with a staff member and select the equipment you need training for.
  3. Click the SUBMIT button once.
  4. You will receive an email within 2 business days from a staff member to negotiate a time to meet.

Please note that meeting times will be negotiated based on staff availability.

SLR and Light Kit Certifications for Fall 2013 occur every Wednesday at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 8:00 pm. Please indicate which session you’d like to attend in the form below.

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