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Articles Published Openly Courtesy of UT’s Open Publishing Support Fund

The following articles were published openly with funding from the University of Tennessee’s Open Publishing Support Fund. If you think your publication should be listed here, please contact

Though the fund has been available since 2009, this bibliography includes only those publications funded in academic year 2017 or later.

*Denotes UT affiliated author/co-author

Funded in 2017-2018

Alghazali, Karrer M., Steven D. Newby*, Zeid A. Nima, Rabab N. Hamzah, et al, and Madhu S. Dhar*. “Functionalized Gold Nanorod Nanocomposite System to Modulate Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Neural-like Progenitors.” Scientific Reports 7 (2017).

Anderson, David G.*, Thaddeus G. Bissett, Stephen J. Yerka*, Joshua J. Wells, Eric C. Kansa, et al. “Sea-Level Rise and Archaeological Site Destruction: An Example from the Southeastern United States Using DINAA (Digital Index of North American Archaeology).” PLOS One 12, no. 11 (2017).

Balachandran M, Richard J. Giannone, David A. Bemis, Stephen A. Kania*. “Molecular Basis of surface anchored protein A deficiency in the Staphylococcus aureus strain Wood 46. PLOS One 12, no. 8 (2017).

Beckford, Ronique C.*, Sarah J. Howard*, Suchita Das*, Abigail T. Farmer*, et al, and Brynn H. Voy*. “Maternal Consumption of Fish Oil Programs Reduced Adiposity in Broiler Chicks.” Scientific Reports 7 (2017).

Bernard, Riley F., Emma V. Willcox*, Katy L. Parise, Jeffrey T. Foster, and Gary F. McCracken*. “White-Nose Syndrome Fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, on Bats Captured Emerging from Caves During Winter in the Southeastern United States.” BMC Zoology 2, no. 12 (2017).

Bialic-Murphy Lalasia* and Orou G. Gaoue*. “Low Interannual Precipitation has a Greater Negative Effect than Seedling Herbivory on the Population Dynamics of a Short-lived Shrub, Schiedea obovata.” Ecology and Evolution (2017).

Dulka, Brooke N.*, Allen K. Bourdon*, Catherine T. Clinard*, Mohan B.K. Muvvala*, Shawn R. Campagna*, and Matthew A. Cooper*. “Metabolomics Reveals Distinct Neurochemical Profiles Associated with Stress Resilience.” Neurobiology of Stress 7 (2017).

England, Benjamin J.*, Jennifer R. Brigati, Elisabeth E. Schussler*. “Student Anxiety in Introductory Biology Classrooms: Perceptions About Active Learning and Persistence in the Major.” PLOS One 12, no. 8 (2017).

Gainer, P. Jackson*, Helena L. Pound*, Alyse A. Larkin, Gary R. LeCleir*, et al, and Steven W. Wilhelm*. “Contrasting Seasonal Drivers of Virus Abundance and Production in the North Pacific Ocean.” PLOS One 12, no. 9 (2017).

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Johnson, Chelsea R.*, Reginald J. Millwood*, Zeng-Yu Wang, and Charles N. Stewart Jr.*. “Light and Temperature Effects on miR156 Transgenic Switchgrass Flowering: A Simulated Latitudinal Study.” Plant Direct 1, no. 5 (2017).

Ling, Ziwen*, Christopher R. Cherry*, John H. MacArthur, and Jonathan X. Weiner. “Differences of Cycling Experiences and Perceptions Between E-Bike and Bicycle Users in the United States.” Sustainability 9, no.9 (2017).

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Willis, Jonathan D.*, Joshua N. Grant*, Mitra Mazarei*, Lindsey M. Kline*, et al, and C. Neal Stewart Jr.*. “The TcEG1 Beetle (Tribolium castaneum) Cellulase Produced in Transgenic Switchgrass is Active at Alkaline pH and Auto-hydrolyzes Biomass for Increased Cellobiose Release.” Biotechnology for Biofuels 10 (2017).

Funded in 2016-2017

Baldwin, Debora R.*, Kerry Towler, Michael D. Oliver*, and Subimal Datta*. “An Examination of College Student Wellness: A Research and Liberal Arts Perspective.” Health Psychology Open 4, no. 2 (2017).

Baxter, Holly L.*, Mitra Mazarei*, Alexandru Dumitrache, Jace M. Natzke, et al, and C. Neal Stewart Jr.*. “Transgenic miR156 Switchgrass in the Field: Growth, Recalcitrance and Rust Susceptibility.” Plant Biotechnology Journal (2017).

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DeBruyn, Jennifer M.*, David A. Bevard*, Michael E. Essington*, Julie Y. McKnight*, Sean M. Schaeffer*, et al. “Field-Grown Transgenic Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) with Altered Lignin Does Not Affect Soil Chemistry, Microbiology, and Carbon Storage Potential.” GCB Bioenergy 9, no. 6 (2017): 1100–1109.

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Jingyu Lin*, Dan Wang, Xinlu Chen*, Tobias G. Köllner, et al, and Feng Chen*. “An (E, E)-α- Farnesene Synthase Gene of Soybean has a Role in Defence Against Nematodes and is Involved in Synthesizing Insect-Induced Volatiles.” Plant Biotechnology Journal 15, no. 4 (2017): 510-519.

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