Media Literacy

Media is widely used in research, teaching, and learning and as the media literacy librarian, Michelle Brannen can help you think about the ways you are incorporating media into your work.Michelle Brannen

Learn to work with media

You have many options available to learn about working with media.  You may schedule a consultation with our Michelle or with Studio staff, explore tutorials available through our subscription to, or come work with software and tutorials in The Studio.  Consultations with the Media Literacy Librarian or Studio staff can range from learning to use equipment, learning software and project planning.

Enhance research with media

Researchers in a wide variety of disciplines incorporate media into their work at all levels in both large and small ways.  From recording interviews and fieldwork to producing information graphics to creating documentaries, researchers utilize media to get their message across.  The Scholars Collaborative would be happy to discuss your work and think about opportunities to enhance your work with media, the tools you might use, and the people you might collaborate with – just set up a consultation time.

Design media projects for my class

Faculty across disciplines help their students develop marketable media skills by creating media projects in their courses.  Our Media Literacy Librarian has helped faculty think through issues related to developing media projects for the classes you teach, sharing  information about services and equipment available to students; project planning; project timeline; software and tools; and other considerations.  Please make an appointment to consult with our Media Literacy Librarian if you have questions about developing a project for your class.

In the Scholars’ Collaborative, Michelle is available to consult, advise, and collaborate in the process of creating, using, and sharing media in your research.  Media can play many roles in the research process ranging from full scale video documentary production to recording fieldwork to developing infographics to conducting an interview.  Planning for your media needs at the start of your project can be very helpful.  Michelle can consult with you to advise on projects large and small.  Please email Michelle to set up a consultation appointment.

In addition to working with the Scholars’ Collaborative, Michelle heads The Studio, a media production lab in the Commons.  The Studio supports student media projects and classroom instruction.  If you are teaching and considering a media project or want to schedule a consultation or instruction session for your students, contact Michelle and see The Studio website for more information about these services.

The Open Sandbox

Join us for an exploration of open source digital research tools. Workshops are open to all.

Open Science Framework Workshop in the Open Sandbox Series.