Digital Pedagogy

Tori Swanson, lecturer in the Department of English, wants to challenge her students to move beyond the traditional paper and create critical works in digital form. Her goal is to help her students develop both their writing skills and acquire digital skills, such as website creation, video editing, or digital annotation, to help them prepare for life outside of school.

Former Scholars’ Collaborative librarian Ashley Maynor has worked with Dr. Swanson over multiple semesters to design digital assignments with the same rigor as traditional capstone papers. Dr. Swanson is just one of many instructors beginning to use digital pedagogy with the Scholars’ Collaborative’s help. We have also taught graduate students in German to create an interactive multimedia book and helped students in history learn about the slave trade through interactive maps and timelines.

The Open Sandbox

Join us for an exploration of open source digital research tools. Workshops are open to all.

The Open Sandbox is an exploration of open source digital research tools.