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Outreach and Community Learning Services

B.O.S.S. for Educators 2017 Sessions & Presenters

Ask a Scientist: Communicating Science: Do’s and Don’ts

presented by Ask a Scientist


Presenter Bio:

Ask a Scientist is a national nonprofit whose purpose is to enhance the public’s understanding of the importance of science as well as encourage individuals to pursue STEM projects and education. The chapter at UTK focuses on involving the greater Knoxville community in science communication through opportunities to directly interact with professional scientists as well as graduate and undergraduate students at events such as science demonstrations at Zoo Knoxville and Market Square, visiting local school classrooms and libraries to have conversations about their work and broad science topics, and individual involvement through programs such as Skype a Scientist, PiPES, Girl Talk, and Save our Sons.






English Learners and STEM for All? Where Should We Begin?

presented by Dr. Clara Lee Brown





Presenter Bio:

Dr. Clara Lee Brown is an Assistant Professor in ESL Education at the University of Tennessee. She teaches ESL Methods, Assessment and Evaluation, Multilingualism and Multiculturalism, ESL practicum, Trends and Issues in Education, and Accommodating CLD students in the mainstream. Her research interests include enhancing ELLs’ academic language proficiency through content area learning and equity issues in large-scale statewide testing programs.






Resources and Grant Opportunities for Math/Science/STEM Teachers: Exploring Resources for K-12 Teachers to Engage Students in STEM Learning

presented by Gale Stanley & Michael Lawson





Presenter Bio:

Gale Stanley is a retired Campbell County science educator and past president of the Tennessee Science Teachers Association. Over the past three years she has secured several Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grants for Campbell County Schools totaling $1.5 million dollars.

Michael Lawson is a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee. He is majoring in education with a specialization in mathematics teacher education. His research interests include technology and instructional design in mathematics, and community and family engagement in secondary mathematics. Additionally, he serves as a facilitator for the MathCounts MSP project with Gale Stanley and Dr. Lynn Hodge.






Science Inquiry: Creating Access to Scientific Inquiry: Everyday Ideas and Materials

presented by Dr. Patricia Stinger-Barnes





Presenter Bio:

Dr. Patricia Stinger-Barnes is a senior lecturer at the University of Tennessee. She works in Elementary Science and Urban Multicultural Teacher Education. She serves on the Tennessee Science Teachers Association board as a district representative.






Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom

presented by Dr. Jeff Beard and Dr. Blanche O’Bannon





Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jeff Beard is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Univeristy of Tennessee and an Instructional Designer and Instructor in industry. He is passionate about facilitating learning environments that engage learners and foster transfer of understanding; enabling participants to reach their full potential.  Dr. Beard facilitates educational technology, instructor, and leadership development courses.

Dr. Blanche O’Bannonis a Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Tennessee. She coordinates the core technology course taken by all students seeking a teaching license as well as the EDS in Educational Technology. Using mobile technology in the classroom is included in her research agenda. She is actively involved with four other professors in developing teachers and students to use mobile technology for learning in Mumbai, India.






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