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Extended hours update from Dean Smith

Correspondence from Dean Smith:

As you know, the library will expand its hours starting this fall semester. Below you will find a list of initiatives we hope to implement in order to enhance safety and security as a result of these later hours. This is a fluid timeline of the projects we plan to undertake over the next academic year–really just our first stab at rough timeline. I am very excited about these changes. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Hodges Library Facility Enhancements to Improve Safety and Security during 24-Hour Operation:

Immediate needs – goal is to complete improvements in the next 6 months or by the start of 2013.
• Install emergency phones/communication devices on the stacks floors that connect directly to 911 as recommended by campus police.
• Install security cameras located throughout the building based on recommendations from police environment scan and subsequently well integrated into other facility changes to central core and elevator lobbies on stacks floors.
• Make adjustments to sensor at Melrose swipe card doors to prevent unwanted entry.
• Make additional changes to central core of stacks and each elevator lobby, floors 3-6:
o Demolition of large purple walls that block line of sight and thus create open lobby areas opposite elevators
o New signage for new elevator lobbies and digital information kiosks for communicating a variety of messages
o Charging stations in elevator lobby areas on stacks floors
o Improved lighting throughout the stacks floors
o Paint and carpet stacks areas following demolition of walls and installation of new power
• Changes to Volunteer Blvd. doors that deter of breach of entry after midnight. New doors would not only prevent entry as they do now, but also exiting through those doors between midnight and 7 am, while also meeting emergency codes.

Longer range needs – goal is to complete improvements in 1-2 years or by beginning of fall semester 2014.
• More power-ready tables and carrels and the addition of power run directly to those tables and carrels and/or addition of more flush mounted power outlets in the floor. Focus on addition to central core of each floor to encourage congregation of students in these areas for safety reasons. We would want to retain the architectural aesthetic of the building and ease of movement around the floor, making power poles an unacceptable option.
• A new public address system that extends to the entire building, so that emergency announcements can be heard in all locations. Currently there are public and staff areas in Hodges where one cannot hear the PA system.
• Improvements to aging fire alarm system and replacement of sprinkler heads, which by building codes are due for replacement after 25 years of use (ours go back to 1987). We have found out during our current construction project on the second floor that many are defective.

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