Readings by authors Julie Auer & Stephen Dupree, Feb. 25

Writers in the Library continues its spring line-up of authors with readings by local authors Julie Auer and Stephen Dupree on February 25. Readings begin at 7 pm in the Hodges Library auditorium.

Julie Auer is a Knoxville lawyer and freelance writer of fiction and nonfiction. Previously inspired by her work as a public defender to write about crime, her work has appeared in several regional anthologies including the 2004 literary edition Knoxville Bound.

Apart from crime, her published work ranges from social justice commentary for the Hellbender Press to a monthly humor column for the Knoxville Voice. She is currently at work on a book project about the 1934 Stonega Company coal mining disaster in Derby, Virginia.

Stephen Dupree is a lifelong Knoxvillian with generous and varied exposure to the world. Military, acting, and technical employment have sent him into many corners of Europe and the U.S. and allowed him the opportunity to explore some of the corners of his mind. Observations, questions, and conclusions all appear in his writings. Whether by accident or effort, he tends to look at things from a slightly different angle than the “norm.” Nothing is off limits and humor can be found in anything, are his guidelines. He has been a contributing columnist to Knoxville’s Metro Pulse.

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