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Punk identities, punk utopias : global punk and mediaBestley, Russell, Dines, Michael, Grimes, Matt, and Guerra, PaulaHM646 .P865 2021
Fempoetiks of American poetry and Americana music : a woman’s truthBlair, Linda NicoleML82 .B5 2021
Violon : méthodes, traités, ouvrages générauxMoccia, AlessandroML95.5 .V567 2002 v. 3
The life of music : new adventures in the western classical traditionKenyon, NicholasML160 .K46 2021
Dvořák’s prophecy : and the vexed fate of Black classical musicHorowitz, JosephML200 .H798 2022
Africanness in action : essentialism and musical imaginations of Africa in BrazilDíaz, Juan DiegoML232.7.B34 D53 2021
The three apostles of Russian music : the Soviet avant-gardeTassie, GregorML300.5 .T39 2022
Wolokolamsker ChausseeBohlman, Philip VML410.G6 B64 2022
The history of bones : a memoirLurie, JohnML410.L96365 A3 2021
Carlos Roqué Alsina : entretiens, témoignages, documentsGalpérine, AlexisML410.R688 G35 2011
Gioachino Rossini’s The barber of SevillePoriss, HilaryML410.R8 P77 2022
Musical analyses and musical exegesis : the shepherd’s melody in Richard Wagner’s Tristan and IsoldeNattiez, Jean-JacquesML410.W14 N3713 2021
This uncontainable feeling of freedom : Irene Schweizer, European jazz, and the politics of improvisationBroecking, ChristianML417.S423 B7613 2021
The blues dream of Billy Boy ArnoldArnold, Billy Boy and Field, KimML419.A76 A3 2021
Miles Davis, and jazz as religion : the politics of social music cultureBracey, Earnest N.ML419.D39 B73 2021
The storyteller : tales of life and musicGrohl, DavidML420.G864 A3 2021
RememberingsO’Connor, SinéadML420.O297 A3 2021
Amy Winehouse : beyond blackParry, NaomiML420.W57 A49 2021
The Beatles and the 1960s : reception, revolution, and social changeCampbell, Kenneth L.ML421.B4 C34 2022
The Grateful Dead and philosophy : getting high minded about love and HaightGimbel, StevenML421.G72 G67 2007
Listening for the secret : the Grateful Dead and the politics of improvisationOlsson, UlfML421.G72 O47 2017
Led Zeppelin, all the songs : the story behind every trackGuesdon, Jean-Michel and Margotin, PhilippeML421.L4 G8413 2018
Led Zeppelin : the biographySpitz, BobML421.L4 S75 2021
OutKast reader : essays on race, gender, and the postmodern southBradley, Regina N.ML421.O98 O9 2021
Everything is choreography : the musical theater of Tommy TuneWinkler, KevinML429.T86 W55 2021
The clarinetEllsworth, JaneML945 .C523 2021
Mixtape nostalgia : culture, memory, and representationBurns, Jehnie I.ML1055 .B97 2021
Feasting and fasting in opera : from Renaissance banquets to the Callas dietPolzonetti, PierpaoloML1700 .P66 2021
Lying in the middle : musical theater and belief at the heart of AmericaJohnson, JakeML2054 .J64 2021
In the Heights : finding homeMiranda, Lin-Manuel, Hudes, Quiara Alegría, and McCarter, JeremyML2054 .M57 2021
Silent films/loud music : new ways of listening to and thinking about silent film musicJohnston, PhillipML2075 .J65 2021
Sounding funny : sound and comedy cinemaEvans, Mark and Hayward, PhilipML2075 .S676 2016
Le chant intime : the interpretation of French mélodieLe Roux, François and Raynaldy, RomainML2827 .L3913 2021
The Oxford handbook of sound artGrant, Jane, Matthias, John, and Prior, DavidML3295 .O94 2021
A respectable spell : transformations of Samba in Rio de JaneiroSandroni, CarlosML3465 .S29513 2021
Poetic song verse : blues-based popular music and poetryMattison, Mike and Suarez, ErnestML3470 .M384 2021
Major labels : a history of popular music in seven genresSanneh, KelefaML3470 .S25 2021
Music is historyQuestlove and Greenman, BenML3477 .Q84 2021
Freedom girls : voicing femininity in 1960s British popApolloni, Alexandra M.ML3492 .A66 2021
Jazz places : how performance spaces shape jazz historyHannon Teal, KimberlyML3508 .H35 2021
The jazz masters : setting the record straightZimmerman, Peter CoatsML3508 .Z56 2021
Soundscapes of liberation : African American music in postwar FranceMoore, Celeste DayML3509.F7 M66 2021
Fictional blues : narrative self-invention from Bessie Smith to Jack WhiteMack, KimberlyML3521 .M23 2020
Who got the camera? : a history of rap and realityHarvey, EricML3531 .H365 2021
Black noise : rap music and black culture in contemporary AmericaRose, TriciaML3531 .R67 1994
Politics as sound : the Washington, DC, hardcore scene, 1978-1983Maskell, Shayna L.ML3534.3 .M382 2021
Sellout : the major-label feeding frenzy that swept punk, emo, and hardcore (1994-2007)Ozzi, DanML3534.3 .O99 2021
Razabilly : transforming sights, sounds, and history in the Los Angeles Latina/o Rockabilly sceneCentino, Nicholas FranciscoML3535 .C46 2021
Salsa consciente : politics, poetics, and Latinidad in the meta-barrioEspinoza Agurto, AndrésML3535.5 .E89 2022
Fiddle tunes from Mississippi : commercial and informal recordings, 1920-2018Bolick, Harry, and Russell, TonyML3551.7.M6 B63 2021
A new perspective for the use of dialect in African American spirituals : history, context, and linguisticsBarber, Felicia Raphael MarieML3556 .B173 2021
Sounds like LondonBradley, LloydML3652.8.L66 B73 2013
Music production methods : a concise guide for understanding your role, process, and orderBess, JoshML3790 .B397 2021
One-handed piano compositions and injury awareness : history, study of selected works, and mindful practiceAtanasova, Zheni GeorgievaML3820 .A83 2021
The dialectics of music : Adorno, Benjamin, and DeleuzeWeiss, Joseph M.ML3845 .W44 2021
Sampling politics : music and the geoculturalFranklin, MarianneML3916 .F693 2021
Music and capitalism : melody, harmony, and rhythm in the modern worldSagall, SabbyML3916 .S34 2021
Living from music in Salvador : professional musicians and the capital of Afro-BrazilPackman, JeffML3917.B6 P3 2021
Music and power at the court of Louis XIII : sounding the liturgy in early modern FranceBennett, PeterML3917.F8 B45 2021
Django generations : hearing ethnorace, citizenship, and jazz manouche in FranceLie, Siv B.ML3917.F8 L53 2021
Designed for dancing : how midcentury records taught America to danceBorgerson, Janet and Schroeder, Jonathan E.ML3917.U6 B67 2021
Sustaining black music and culture during COVID-19 : #Verzuz and Club QuarantineMiller, Niya PickettML3917.U6 S88 2021
Sonorous worlds : musical enchantment in VenezuelaStainova, YanaML3917.V46 S85 2021
Avidly reads OperaKinney, AlisonML3918.O64 K56 2021
Kusamira music in Uganda : spirit mediumship and ritual healingHoesing, Peter J.ML3920 .H64 2021
Honoring trans and gender-expansive students in music educationGarrett, Matthew L. and Palkki, JoshuaMT1 .G26 2021
Curriculum philosophy and theory for music education praxisRegelski, Thomas A.MT1 .R418 2021
Musical improvisation for children : part of the Creative ability development seriesKanack, Alice KayMT68.K36 M88 1998
Fun improvisation for piano : philosophy and method of creative ability development. Book 1, PianoKanack, Alice KayMT222 .K363 1996
Journeys of desire : a study of the Balinese text MalatVickers, AdrianPL5224.M243 V53 2005
Musicals at the margins : genre, boundaries, canonsWright, Julie Lobalzo and Shearer, MarthaPN1995.9.M86 M8725 2021
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SCI journal of music scores Volume 58Society of ComposersM1 .A572 v. 58
SCI journal of music scores Volume 59Society of ComposersM1 .A572 v. 59
Il quinto libro de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1608)Gagliano, Marco daM2 .R238 v.222
Chamber arrangements of Beethoven’s symphonies. Part 1, Symphonies nos. 1, 3, and 5 arranged for quartet ensemblesBeethoven, Ludwig vanM2 .R23834 v.75
The complete worksBach, Carl Philipp EmanuelM3 .B1034 2005 ser.4 v.5.5
The complete worksBach, Carl Philipp EmanuelM3 .B1034 2005 ser.4 v.6.5
The complete worksBach, Carl Philipp EmanuelM3 .B1034 2005 ser.5 v.4
Hallische Händel-Ausgabe : kritische GesamtausgabeHandel, George FridericM3 .B1034 2005 ser.4 v.6.5
Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher WerkeBrahms, JohannesM3 .B71 1996 Ser. 2 v.8
Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher WerkeBrahms, JohannesM3 .B71 1996 Ser. 9 v.5
The works of Henry Purcell.Purcell, HenryM3 .P93 v. 3 2021
Complete works = Sämtliche WerkeSibelius, JeanM3 .S57 1998 Ser. 1 v. 7
Complete works = Sämtliche WerkeSibelius, JeanM3 .S57 1998 Ser. 4 No. 1
Musikalische WerkeTelemann, Georg PhilippM3 .T4 v.63
5 impromptusFauré, GabrielM25.F38 I5 2021
Broke baroque : for violin & pianoAnderson, T. J.M221.A578 B7 2019
Pacific serenade : for B♭ clarinet and pianoAguila, Miguel delM252.A385 P33 2013
Pacific serenade : for E♭ alto saxophone and pianoAguila, Miguel delM269.A385 P33 2015
Flûtes en vacances : quatre pièces pour trois flûtes avec und 4e flûte ad lib.Castérède, JacquesM357.2.C349 F6 1964
Streichquartett G-Dur (1855-1858)Mayer, EmilieM452 .M429 G maj. 2012
Streichquartett G-Dur (1855-1858)Mayer, EmilieM452 .M429 G maj. 2012
Streichquartett B-Dur, 1855Mayer, EmilieM452 .M429 B♭ maj. 2013
Streichquartett A-Dur : 1856Mayer, EmilieM452 .M429 A maj. 2014
Streichquartett e-MollMayer, EmilieM452 .M429 E min. 2016
Serenáda č. 3 = Serenade no. 3 = Serenade Nr. 3Martinů, BohuslavM962.M378 S4 no.3 2021
Konzert für Klavier und orchester, Opus 54, A-mollSchumann, RobertM1011 .S44 op.54 1950z
Concerto fur Violoncell und Streichorchester, D Dur, No. 1Haydn, JosephM1017 .H3 H.VIIb 2 1950
Romanze F-Dur für Violoncello und Orchester = Romance in F major for violoncello and orchestraStrauss, RichardM1017.S87 R6 2020
Chamber symphonyAnderson, T. J. (Thomas Jefferson)M1045.A549 C443 2019
Camelot : vocal selectionLoewe, Frederick and Lerner, Alan JayM1508.L818 C36 1960
The bird watcher : for SSAATTBGordon, MichaelM1582.G663 B5 2020
Bulgarian art song. Volume oneDahman, Jamie and Hristova, GabrielaM1619 .B85H 2018 v.1
Bulgarian art song. Volume oneDahman, Jamie and Hristova, GabrielaM1619 .B85L 2018 v.1
Let us garlands bring : five Shakespeare songsFinzi, GeraldM1621.F56 L4 1942
Cornerstones : a song cycle for soprano and pianoAnderson, T. J. and Alexander, Elye J.M1621.4.A65 C67 2014
Fu verso o forse fu inverno : per voce femminile, pianoforte e live electronics : 2016Gervasoni, StefanoM1621.4.G383 M87 2021
Banalités : cinq mélodies sur de poèmes de Guillaume ApollinairePoulenc, FrancisM1621.P6 B3 2021
Le bestiaire, ou, Cortège d’OrphéePoulenc, FrancisM1621.4.P6 B46 2021
Le bestiaire, ou, Cortège d’OrphéePoulenc, FrancisM1621.4.P6 B47 2021
Album of Negro spiritualsJohnson, J. RosamondM1670 .A384 1980z
The “Take me with you!” songbook : for kids, parents & teachersAlsop, PeterM1997.A476 T3 1988
Carols for two : 7 duets on traditional carols for Advent and ChristmasShafferman, Jean AnneM2114.5 .C378 1996
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All eyez on meShakur, TupacCD20302
Just listenBaron, Joey and Frisell, BillCD20600
That overt desire of object : 11 variations for contrabass & woodwindsLeandre, Joëlle and Greenlief, PhillipCD20601
Take your timeVinny Golia QuartetCD20602
As the crow fliesAychCD20603
Floating iceBisio, Michael and Shipp, MatthewCD20604
The white spotWay Out NorthwestCD20605
The pancake tourLeimgruber, Urs and Turner, RogerCD20606
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