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ACE competencies are categorized into four models:  Foundational, Specialized, Leadership, and Managerial. All of our roles call for various competency ensembles. Which competencies are most important to your success?
competency model: foundational


Foundational competencies are shared by all positions in the Libraries. The underlying elements of the competencies in this model are frequently listed as required qualifications in position descriptions (e.g., communication, collaboration, decision making and problem solving). Foundational competencies are arguably among the most important characteristics that successful employees possess.

competency model: specialized


Specialized competencies tend to be role-specific. These are the competencies for which individuals likely receive specialized training and education. Specialized competencies may evolve over time as underlying tools and technologies change. The competencies in this model should be congruent with the anticipated future-states of librarianship and higher education, and thus, equip employees with appropriate development targets for today and the future.

competency model: leadership


Leadership competencies describe characteristics that successful leaders in the Libraries, the University, and higher education must possess. We all have the opportunity to lead, regardless of our position title or rank.

competency model: management


Managerial competencies describe the fundamental activities that effective managers rely on for achieving results through and with others. They apply to anyone who oversees or aspires to oversee other employees or processes.