Culture Corner/Virtual Culture Corner Research Guides

The Culture Corner is a project of the UT Libraries’ Diversity Committee. Located on the second floor of Hodges Library in the Dixie Marie Wooten Commons West, the Corner’s goal is to explore issues using the Libraries’ research collections.

The Virtual Culture Corner is an online experience that expands the in-person resources of books and other materials to include music, art, blogs, and many other expressions of information on a particular topic. The current Virtual Culture Corner is located here

Round Dance

The 2020-2021 Culture Corner offers resources and materials that explore Native American cultures and traditions. From books and videos to local resources including student organizations, this page is a gateway to the wealth of sources the university offers.

A Conversation About Race

The Fall 2019 theme of the Culture Corner was “A Conversation About Race.” The inspiration for this theme comes from the UT Libraries’ organizational read taking place 2019-2020. Many library staff and faculty read White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo and participated in discussions around the concepts presented in the book.  This page is a guide to a plethora of resources offered by the university, that explore issues around race and having discussions about how these topics impact our campus, our society, and our lives.

First-Generation College Students

The Spring 2019 Culture Corner focused on conversations and discussions pertaining to First-Generation College Students.  The university defines a first-generation college student as a student in which neither parent or legal guardian has completed a four-year college degree or higher.  The university provides a wealth of resources, guidance, and support through their First-Generation Initiative.  This page further displays the wide array of resources provided by the university, through books, e-books, and other resources around first-generation college students.


Diversity Action Plan

Learn how the libraries are working to advance access, accountability, an inclusive campus climate, and equity.

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