Culture Corner 2008

Summer 2008: Religions of the World

In this exhibit, the Diversity Committee investigates how religion shapes culture.

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Summer 2008: Food and Culture

Food and culture are intricately related. In this exhibit, the Culture Corner Hot Topic section provides resources on the relationship between food and culture.

Special Events

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  • Film Screening July 15th @ Hodges Library Auditorium (101)
    3:00 p.m. Babette’s Feast5:00 p.m. Like Water For Chocolate
  • Library Employee Food Festival
    In correlation with “Religions of the World” Culture Corner, the Libraries celebrate our diversity with food. Bring your favorite dish and a recipe to share.Thursday July 17th 12:00 -2:30 in Hodges Staff Room.

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Culture Corner

The 2020-2021 Culture Corner offers resources and materials that explore Native American cultures and traditions.

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