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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes February 15, 2018

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2018

Present: Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Elizabeth Greene, Peter Fernandez, Anne Hulse, Sarah Green, Sarah Mallory, Sarah Gonzales, Liz Zepeda, Michelle Brannen.

Liz, Thura and Kristina Clement put together a presentation on gentrification and gave a talk at the Black Issues Conference. The session was very well attended, and the feedback on their program was positive.

The next Lunch and Learn will be held on Thursday, March 8th in the Mary Greer Room in coordination with the Women’s Coordinating Council. They are responsible for the programming details, and we will provide marketing support for the event. The subject will be on women activists in politics, and it will be a panel discussion.

Peter reported on a library liaison meeting where the discussion was regarding library resources to inform/combat hate speech on campus. This topic was a result of a white supremacist group being allowed audience on campus.

There will be a call for new members in March 2018.

Agenda item for next meeting: update the resources on the UT Libraries Diversity Committee webpage.

Thura submitted the application for the Chancellor’s Excellence Award on behalf of the UT Libraries Diversity Committee.

Upcoming meeting dates:

  • March 15 – Hodges 605
  • April 19 – Hodges 605
  • May 17 – Hodges 605
  • June 21 – Hodges 605
  • July 19 – Hodges 605
  • August 16 – Hodges 605
  • September 20 – Hodges 605

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