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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes January 19, 2017

Present: Anne Hulse, Thura Mack, Elizabeth Greene, Ernest Brothers, Trey Hobson, Melony Allen, Cathy Jenkins, Kenya Flash, Regina Mays, Megan Venable



  • There will be a march on campus tomorrow at 12:30 starting in the Humanities Amphitheater.
  • A library-wide meeting on bias protocol will be held February 16, 2017 at 1:00pm in the auditorium.


Regina Mays gave an update on the strategic planning session held in December. Below are the notes she provided from the session:


Diversity Committee Planning Brainstorm Notes – 12/15/16



Local/national/political environment

Getting the word out/getting people interested

Participation (internal & external)

Male participation (non-marginalized groups)

Not knowing why people don’t participate

Getting students involved (undergrads & grads)

Narrow views of diversity

Perception that people who advocate for diversity are whiny, aggressive

Group segregation – people only support their narrow interests/concerns



Leadership – people are already talking about diversity

Being a campus center (geographically & virtually/academically)

Diverse group on this committee

People still trust librarians

Professionally trained to provide resources/info

When funding ban ends – opportunity to help shape new efforts

Ample opportunities for campus partnerships

Chance to prep library admin – help prepare them to advocate for diversity

New university leadership – we can build new relationships


Possible Goals – Areas of Focus

Create a packet on library diversity for university and library admin

Create a brochure

Support safe zone training – set target for participation

Coordinate with each department in library to arrange training/professional development tailored to their needs (HR credit/customize/menu of options)

Continue Lunch N Learn series – (increase participation – ideas – experiment with holding it at different times- offer innovative programs – set up screen outside – diversity dinner instead of lunch n learn – set up booth/table to talk to students about it – welcome week – grad student open house, etc.)

Human Library (at International fair?)

Target sororities/frats/RA’s/other student groups – take Lunch N Learn to them


  • There was much discussion on which of the goals to focus on, and it was determined that the group should continue the Lunch and Learn series, create informative materials for distribution, as well as conduct safe zone training.


  • Regina and another delegate from the Diversity Committee will meet with the Dean’s Student Advisory Council to conduct a survey to determine which topics would be of most interest to students.


  • Megan and Trey will work on creating a brochure for the Diversity Committee, and Regina will edit it.


Culture Corner topics:


  • Kenya suggested social movements


  • Cathy suggested how international influences in the US effect our current food culture


  • Anne suggested the inauguration


  • Megan suggested bullying in America


  • Ernest suggested how the influence of information (false or otherwise) effect one’s viewpoint


Thura will present these topics to Molly Royse for implementation.

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