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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 20, 2017

Present: Michelle Brannen, Keila Zayas-Ruiz, Melonie Allen, Megan Venable, Thura Mack, Regina Mays, Anne Hulse, Kenya Flash, Elizabeth Greene


Thura opened the meeting and introduced Caroline Zeglen from Pendergrass Library. Caroline posts on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to the UT Libraries pages. If there are Diversity Committee events you want promoted, Caroline asked you give her two weeks’ notice for her to put the item in rotation. She can help you find images if needed, or you can prepare the item for her to post as is.


Fall Lunch and Learn needs to be considered and scheduled. There is a need to re-poll students to identify what topics may be of interest to them. After discussion on the best way to poll students, it was decided to set up a table during DeStress on a Tuesday and Wednesday for four hours each day and give away squeezie cows and pens and ask the students directly “What things are hard for you to talk about, but need to be discussed?” and take notes on their answers. Megan will email Ingrid to get permission to do this during DeStress.


Michelle, Melanie, Elizabeth and Thura are presenting at ALA in August about Lunch and Learns. All members are asked to participate in a video diary and answer the following questions:


What did you enjoy most about the Lunch and Learn Program?

  • In what ways do you think the Lunch and Learn program contributed to diversity conversations and activity on campus?
  • Although small, feedback from participants indicated that the Lunch and Learn program was successful and meaningful. Do you agree and has it been worth the effort to organize?
  • How important is it for the Diversity Committee to develop programming such as Lunch and Learn and how do these efforts contribute to the overall mission of the library?


Did you enjoy presenting at the Black Issues Conference?

  • Do you think participating in the Black Issues Conference is important for the diversity committee? Why or why not?
  • What do you feel is the role of the diversity committee in terms of supporting and participating in campus and community diversity events?



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