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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes August 18, 2016

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: August 18, 2016 at 1:00 in Room 150

Present: Kenya Flash, Elizabeth Greene, Michelle Brannen, Thura Mack, Megan Venable, Keila Zayas-Ruiz, Melanie Allen, Cathy Jenkins, Seth Jordan, Trey Hobson

National Diversity in Libraries Conference where Thura and Kenya presented

Thura notes:

  • We should discuss the possibility of developing our own brochure like the one from the Henry Madden Library which is front and back in the attachment
  • To discuss the ACRL Diversity Standards in one of our future meetings and decide which ones we would like to focus on and develop (also included in the attachment)
  • The buzzwords from the conference were social justice (in lieu of diversity), white fragility, privileges (of all spectrums), and equity and inclusion
  • While this was a remarkable conference, the lack of library administrator was felt

Kenya notes:

  • It’s ok to be discomforted and uncomfortable with discussing race
  • Don’t argue with someone sharing their own experiences
  • Several institutions had diversity committees both external to the library or internal, and a few had both

International Festival – September 30th

  • Waiting for the call for participants to submit the registration form
  • The booth will feature a spinning wheel representing the most popular countries our study abroad students prefer and home countries of our international students. Guests to the booth will spin the wheel and taste a treat from the country selected. Books and other materials from these counties will also be displayed.
  • Thura requested $200 for snacks from administration
  • Consult Allison Sharp for information regarding snacks from international locations

Resources Subcommittee – Cathy

  • Presented list of resources gathered so far (attached)
  • Include suggested articles on diversity and its importance
  • Include a code of conduct in it and for our Lunch and Learns

Thura welcomed new member Elizabeth Greene

Themes for the Culture Corner:

  • Selected “Exploring Your Personality” with an overall goal of learning your personal traits in order to hone your leadership skills
  • Michelle will make a sign for the Culture Corner that lists the personality assessments offered through Career Services and TEL

Fall Lunch and Learn – November 9th at noon in 605 with Becky Jacobs on “how to have difficult conversations”

  • Kenya will contact the ICOS to see about an October/spring L&L on intersectionality and its impact on academia and faculty members to check on an October/spring L&L on “the other F word: feminism.”

We have until the end of August to determine the L&L schedule in order to request funding from CDI.

There was no one able to attend the Conference on Inclusion at the University of Maryland in October.

Web update:

  • Although a moving target, it is “done” except for a new logo and an updated resources page
  • Put the updated website notice in the next dean’s newsletter

How should we communicate the Diversity Committees’ activities to our colleagues in the library?

  • Kenya – internal marketing campaign
  • Thura – brochure that includes information about our resources, mission statement, poster presented at UT diversity summit on campus resources and the website.
  • Kenya – sign language day
  • Cathy – intersectionality discussion with all lib. Kenya to ask faculty members when she contacts them about L&L

Megan to send Elizabeth information on the upcoming International Festival for the dean’s newsletter.

Next meeting agenda: International Festival

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