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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes April 21, 2016

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2016 at 1:00 in Room 150


  • May 27 is the Lavender Graduation you can RSVP at the Pride Center website.
  • The Multicultural graduation is the same date. No RSVP needed.
  • Hodges is sponsoring the Children’s Festival of Reading Saturday May 21 from 10-4. Volunteers are needed.
  • Kenya joined the Intersectionality Community of Scholars (ICOS) and has invited the group to attend meetings. They do research and write grants and will be doing programming in the Spring. Last year they hosted a symposium.
  • May is usually when we put out the call for new members, but that will not happen this year.

Legislation Update:

  • Thank you Lili’a for all the information
  • The two bills
    • Ag Extension: dead
    • Bumper stickers: revived
  • Overall budget is $436,000. Bill proposes to spend $300,000 on minority scholarships and the rest on “In God We Trust” bumper stickers for UTPD vehicles.
  • Governor has power to veto the bill
  • Unclear what will happen next for people in department
    • Could lose job
    • Possibly absorbed into other departments at UT
    • Next steps for Ricky Hall: being heavily recruited and looking for the right fit
  • What we cannot do
    • Promote or demote any holidays
    • Mention gender neutral pronouns
  • What we can do
    • Keep moving forward (Lili’a is working within fiscal year)
    • Contact the Governor on a personal level
    • The Committee will put together communication in support of Ricky Hall and focus on the need for central leadership as part of a Volvision and strategic plan to send to Chancellor and President

Future Lunch and Learns:

  • Possible sources of funding
    • Hodges
    • Ready for the World
  • At last session piloted possible topics for the series (13 responses)
    • Most popular: having difficult conversation
    • Three way ties between: national political issues, women in the world, and consent
  • Possible new topics to add
    • Guns on campus
    • The grieving process
  • Brainstormed possible titles
    • We Shall Overcome: finding the light in dark/ difficult moments
    • Grieve: moving beyond anger, sadness, and defeat
    • Being productive and Civil in Times of Turmoil
    • Difficult Conversations: tools and mechanics
    • National Politics 24/7 coverage, but no content/ substance
    • Health and Wellness a Priority in the Age of Stress
    • The Other F Word: feminism around the World
  • Regina will make changes and send them out to the group for approval

Next Meeting:

  • May 19 at 1:00pm – potluck style
  • A goodbye for Elizabeth who has retired

In Attendance:

Anne Hulse
Cathy Jenkins
Kenya Flash
Lili’a Neville
Megan Venable
Michelle Brannen
Regina Mays
Sarah Holt
Seth Jordan
Thura Mack
Trey Hobson

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