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Diversity Committee

UT Libraries Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes November 19, 2015

Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes: November 19, 2015 at 1:00 PM, Room 150


  • The 2016 meeting dates were sent in an email
  • There is a subcommittee for the upcoming Black Issues Conference, they will communicate via email

Lunch and Learn Series:

  • In good communication with speakers for Spring
  • Possibly join with student organizations such as:
    • Multicultural Grad Student
    • Communication and Information
    • Vol Update
    • Student faith based groups- Megan will send out a list to the group so we can add to it
  • Money left in the budget for advertising
    • Look into radio spot on The Rock, in the past a $50 donation
    • Megan will ask for click statistics from past online Beacon ad
    • Lil’a will reach out to the Beacon to ask a student to cover the event for an article

Presentation on the Diversity& Inclusion in LIS conference:

  • Keila recently attended the conference and came back with a very insightful presentation including these takeaways:
    • The keynote speaker focused on micro aggressions
    • Diversity in ILS is low compared to the US average with only 11% up only 1% in the past ten years
    • Increased inclusion does not always equal social acceptance based on interviews with members of minorities
    • Analyzing one’s own privilege helps to create a culturally competent professional
    • Cataloging needs to expand subject headings to accommodate intersectionality
    • Always start with questions, not assumptions

How to bring these themes to UTK:

  • Strategic Planning and Steering committee is already focused on civility, diversity, and inclusion and is talking to leaders around campus
  • A staff/ faculty training session
    • Members of the Administration support this
    • Possible topics:
      • Accessing your privilege
      • Implicit bias
    • Need to make this different than typical HR training
  • Target departments individually
  • More than one session
  • Address rank (faculty vs staff; tenure track vs not; etc)
  • Understand these are sensitive subjects
  • Make it mainstream
  • Outside facilitator

Next meeting: No meeting in December. Next meeting is Thursday January 21 at 1:00pm in room 150

In Attendance:

Anne Hulse
Cathy Jenkins
Keila Zayas-Ruiz
Lili’a Neville
Megan Veneable
Melaine Allen
Michelle Brannen
Regina Mays
Sarah Holt
Seth Jordan
Thura Mack

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